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Bloodmoon and Chthonic Forces

Tell me you’re not interested in conversing with the disembodied personalities of wizards, magicians, inventors, and geniuses of old? Well, we’ve entered into the time of the bloodmoon and the bureaucrats starting to show their horns. My response is to show them ours!

So, without further ado… let us begin!

Necromancy as defined as dowsing the dead is also a great methodology for putting those dead names, disembodied personalities, and the minds of the netherworld to work for your ends! And you might as well. The New World Order has every mom and grandma yelling after Trump, and a crowd of other lunatics slandering Biden. Then we have the crazed socialists who want to throw all freedoms away; and burn the ladder to prospective successors.

With psionic necromancy we can call forth and put to work the powerful chthonic energies of the dead to many ends. The means is simple. However, I’ve also included a serious set of procedures for working the Miraculous Prayer Board with psionic necromancy. And the walkthroughs in this paperback book ‘Psionic Necromancer’ will help you to conjure up some of the most powerful and influential minds throughout history to influence the masses. What is the benefit of having the dead do this for us? Why that is simple, my dear Watson! You will be sleeping while your spirits are working! 24/ 7 commitment to the task. So, that’s why Psionic Necromancer is the paperback you want to bring home and use as a manual or as an occult book of study in this area of interest: dowsing the dead, summoning spirits, and radionics!

There is also a beginners book in print, and then three powerful magick books that will prepare you to work with magick that gains you real results—and in some cases within near real-time ends! Buy Psionic Necromancer and my Vrilock Practical Guide Trio! If you’re new, however, check out my book ‘Keep The Magick High!’ to get you started in the world of psionics.

I will take you from the simplest teachings of my former mentor Charles Cosimano to my lifelong trackrecord of successful operations, and even introduce you to some of the findings and breakthroughs in Psionics.

We are all living in the most uncertain times. Or so it is often being said. I, however, beg to differ. There actually all manner of certainty that our rights and freedoms are going to be taken from us by one party or another. Which ever face that they are wearing at any given time. Our time for taking our lives back is today. And we don’t have to do this all on our own. Psionic Necromancer will help you to do what I have done: turn the dead souls of patriots into the hearts of the living to bring back awareness of our liberties at stake; and then bring the fight back to the enemy.

You can now join these efforts or create campaigns of your very own by employing the minds of the dead in your magical operations. And now, as a matter of course, those operations are made much simpler with psionics than they were during more traditional times where initiates and masters worked with extensive and time consuming rituals.

Today, all the power of psionics is at your fingertips! Buy my books to learn more about what you can do as a psionic super power master! Patron Vrilock's continued work in psionics and research by making a purchase at the Vrilock Psionics Laboratorium and Shop!>>>

Thank you for supporting my work! And until next time…

Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock signing out! P.S. Join the Psionic Brotherhood! Become a clubmemober!>>>


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