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Champion the Magick Sack & Prayer Board + Ops Kit!

Champion the Magick Sack & Prayer Board + Ops Kit! This is the ONLY MAGICK SACK! Handmade in the home and fortress of Herr Doktor von Vrilock! Seals in intelligence magick! Blessed and sacred geometric art gives you the added OOMPH! to make reality obedient to your will! And, the best part?--No backlash! Not with this powerful arcane instrument of wonders, baby!

Prayer Board & Magick Sack auctioning at $275! Do I hear any bids for $300? Champion this psychic's magic combo kit here! >>

Read more about this kit used for Qi Gung, Reiki, and Magick! Go to Substack! >>

For those seeking intelligence magick and dowsing, Vrilock is selling a limited dowsing kit featuring a 3-sided pyramid chain pendulum, engraved with power glyphs, hardcover charts book, and a paperback printed with all the details of chthonic magick, dowsing, psychometry, and sigils magick.

Place your order before these kits are gone! >>

Since 2008 Herr Doktor began delving into the arts of communion with the dead. The results have been so wonderful as opposed to the usual scare tactics on hokey television programs that I would feel great sympathy for you, my dearest students and colleagues--if you don't take advantage of the knowledge I have to offer you--and my wonderful adventures are like a drug you just can't get on this planet! It is amazing to be in contact with the disembodied mind of Nikola Tesla! Sir Christopher Lee! Bram Stoker! Now you can, too! BTW, if you need a discount for this kit you can take advantage of the deal Herr Doktor has for club members for this Elite Dowsing Kit! Plus a new 3month (quarterly) commitment plan, and other membership benefits! If you need help doing the math, just send my henchstaff a request for pricing and plans! We want to get you empowered at your own pace and what is best for you!



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