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Club Enhancements and More Products!

New club enhancements and more products is paving the way for epic psionics club experiences! We're going to cover some of the improvements to club content, arrangement of materials, and what is included with club dues!

Instant manifestation! It’s good to be in the club! ­­

Enhancements to club member perks and improvements to user-experience are a continuous effort in the club. We strive to deliver Vrilock’s vision of the superior interface for club members, with our goal focused on quick access to content and effective engagement with the headmaster via private in-club messaging system.

Now then, let’s look at what’s under the hood!

wizard repair UI
Fixing club user interface and experience...

Improvements recently made include:

  • Updates, news, events… centered under the bulletin board at login!

  • Dismantled old monthly table rows for weeks 1,2,3, &4!

  • Sorted content by media type, expressed as three portals to club materials!

  • Color/ contrast and layout adjusted to scroll smoothly on pc, laptops, tablets, and phones!

  • All audio, video, beginners, and projects pages are accessible at no additional charge after club dues!

  • Features to show more support for Vrilock’s work through purchases of insider exclusive documents!

  • Club members Insiders Exclusive Shoppe! Including discounts as great as 50%!

wizards of the round table
It is good to be in the club!

Being a club member also allows fans, colleagues, and students to learn from real experiences by the first student of the master of psionics!

Join us to learn about psionics for global issues, personal life transformations, accumulation of wealth, and opening the doors to new opportunities + more!

Choose a commitment level from monthly, quarterly, 6 months, and annual memberships! >>

Keep The Magick High! ™


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