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Crux of Opposites in Psionics Offense/ Defense Manifestation

Combining positive projections with combative defenses in psionics technology requires psionics training. However, Herr Doktor Vrilock is going to give magicians, witches, and wizards the tools to resolve the real crux of the matter in this article.

You need defenses. Certainly. You need to project a positive path on the road ahead—most assuredly. But, the question remains: How do I get the best of both worlds? Distinction between the pros and cons, the highs and lows, the good and the bad, in a psychological and habitual sense is the real crux of the problem in new-age metaphysics. Whilst others may say that one cannot have the best of both worlds, Herr Doktor Vrilock retorts: “With Psionics Training and Psionics Technology, actually, you can!”

The trick to creating a defense without disrupting the positive path you are projecting into your near future comes with regard to separating your sessions of meditation, and the items or components with which you are working with. A set of dowsing preparations will allow you to know when your components, servitors, and patterns, and energy fields and thought forms are all working at their best. Plus, you can make radionics adjustments to your life with a little attention to the details—Again, I emphasis Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure and the Psionics Academy Video Course.

…Think of your protection as insurance. You know that your positive projections from your Vril Fire & Ice video course Psionics Training is manifesting a path to success for you. However, you are also beset on either side by competitors, taxes, and the local riff raff are making you uncomfortable commuting to downtown city hall or the office. What you must do is continue to project that positive outcome in your orlog—again, utilizing the tech in Vril Fire & Ice video course—, while at other times charging up your defenses.

So, if you watch my video on Defender Dome, and Radionics Defender Dome, you will have the basic shielding and empowerment methods at your disposal. However, you’ll also need to construct a powerful sword thought-form to travel with you in synchronous orbit. This means that wherever you go, so also doth your sword thought form. The sword should be programmed to ward off attackers or to guard and defend you from such attackers. This sword must be charged with the red energy of Mars.

Importantly, keep in mind that these charging sessions must be performed separately. You do not wish to bathe in the energies of Mars and then go directly into projecting a positive path for your orlog. At least not for the beginning students who have only read through my volume ‘Keep The Magick High!’. Even club members at need some time and psionics training under their belts before mixing energy types. However, there are means for working multitasking operations which I have gone into the details of in my digital book ‘Psionic Channel Mixer RBX’ at !!! The latter makes micromanaging all of these various pursuits more readily feasible, functional, and doable for the modern technomage.

So, to learn more head over to the Vrilock Bookstore at - “Where witches & wizards #KeepTheMagickHigh! ™ ”


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