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How to Amplify Your Remote Presence in Augmented Reality and VR Worlds

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Allow for me to direct your attention to the world that you see before you. Take in your surroundings for a brief moment. What is the time of day? Is it cool or warm, dry or moist? The general atmosphere of the room? Perhaps you are outdoors, walking, riding in a car or bus or on an airplane. Does the world seem solid all the way through? Or do you detect a certain placidity in your environment? Do people around you seem harmonious with their environment? What is the general emotional atmosphere of the town or place where you currently reside?

The reason I instruct you to quickly observe your surroundings and then immediately reflect upon your impressions is that everything you just now experienced is quantifiable. You will see in some months or years from now an exceptional change in the way you perceive and interact with your environment. This change is deliberate. Where you must decide now is how you with to interact with this new improved or in some cases ‘improvised’ augmented reality.

Augmented reality is a series of layers which are interlaid with your visual and audio perceptions of the world. And, as a matter of course, more sensory faculties will be added to this augmented reality technology as time moves forward with new advances and exceptional insights, as well as data feedback from users—I should say ‘wearers’, because this technology you will literally wear on your body. Though, we won’t be limited to the gadgets we wear. Many things will incorporate the ‘Internet of Things’; such as buildings, street lights, and, yes, even trees will one day broadcast radio frequencies which will contain information possibly useful to a passerby. These frequencies, the layers of data, and the GPG (location data) will augment and enhance your reality on many levels.

Now then, we’ve only brushed the surface of formalities here when we speak of augmented reality; Because, as I’ve stated in previous articles here, we can take things a few steps further with artificial intelligence by combining holographic universe theory - merged with psionics in general. And that’s quite a new territory of science to be explored!

With the invested party in Vrilock Psionics we will build the constructs I’ve been writing about in a whole new metaverse landscape which will open new levels of awareness, consciousness, and talents globally.

TBC… !


Herr Doktor V.

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