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How-to Miracles With Your Miraculous Prayer Board Mini!

The fundamental design of the miraculous prayer board has its origins in dowsing. The hexagram design will still the swing of a pendulum held very closely to the surface of the pattern. This is due to a balanced geometry. In the beginning of working with this geometry I was attempting to bring into balance super typhoons, and then stem the rotation of cyclones, among other miraculous pursuits. I didn’t know if it would work entirely, but my life-path was populated with enough synchronicities to usher my pursuit in discovering and constructing the first prayer board in a temple overseas in Japan—Which being at ground-zero I was given ample opportunities to put my instrument to the test. It wasn’t entirely easy, but over time I developed a series of methods, and finalized the art into one simplified technique: Sanctuary. Yes. The prayer board is fundamentally a ‘sanctuary’ spell crystallized into material form.

Now then, so as to operate your prayer boar efficiently, you will begin by laying your left hand on to the coil while stating “love and…” then place your right hand over the coil and complete the phrase “…gratitude.” As you work with your wish or desired object at the center of the hexagram you will think the spell trigger word; that power word being “sanctuary”. This is already given with each prayer board as I bless and charge each one with the spell incantation. After you receive your prayer board the rest of the story is yours to continue. But you get a serious head start in the world of miracle-working, because I have done the initial memorization of the spell in advance on your behalf. So, now get started manifesting something wondrous and… miraculous!

Vrilock is here if you have a question. Just use the contact page at And until next time…


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