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If You Have Tried Meditation... Try Dowsing!

If You Have Tried Meditation... Try Dowsing! Read on to find out about great dowsing multimedia, and my personal story about talking with an undisclosed author over the phone!

If you have tried meditation, dabbled in magick or witchcraft, then you know about dowsing. And if you know dowsing, then you are one step in the right direction for learning the ultimate occult power of ‘psionics’!

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If You Have Tried Meditation... Try Dowsing!

In early 1990, while learning to dowse with a pendulum, I had a perchance conversation on the phone with an author of the book I had read. What happened is that I had dialed a number in the back of the book expecting to get somebody else for a dowsing organization, but instead the number landed at some kind of government related office. I expressed my interest in finding books on ‘radionics’, when the gentleman on the phone abruptly interrupted with a plea to not mention the topic over the phone. I shortly asked why that was a problem to ask about ‘it’ (radionics), to which the author replied “‘They’ get real nervous about someone being able to influence peoples’ lives with the turn of a dial.” Well, that I found interesting, because frankly everyone on the planet is controlled by the turning of a dial, the flip of a switch, and the latest blurb and bleep from the television. So, the way I figured it was that everyone has been mind-controlled for decades already--and, like, "What's the big secret? Big deal, right?" Wrong. Apparently those in positions of control get real itchy and squirmy in their executive chairs when someone mentions the word 'radionics'. But, there's a real reason for this apparent fear of remote (private) control of other peoples lives: 'medical'. That is, in parts of Europe there are still practitioners of radionics as a treatment for ails, ills, and pseudo pills! LMAO! But, here in the States (USA) it is a big No-No to talk about radionics as a medical treatment. I think THAT was the real reason the author on the phone was resistant to point me to a group or a series of books on the subject. (He said "Just do a search on Infoseek or Magick-Tech", or something rather like that.) Listen, lords and ladies, I am not - NOT - advocating for any kind of medical treatment. I simply love the interesting and random results from exploring the mysterious. For instance, I had sketched a map of the scratch ticket machines at our local Ralphs grocery store (back in the day), and dowsed which machines would have winning tickets, how much, and when to buy a ticket--and if the money in would be worth the prize money output. I was successful in this pursuit, but I never took it very seriously. It was just fun. And although it is just fun--Hell, it works! And if it works for a guy with beginners luck like me, then it will work for you, just as well! Plus, you will use this skillset I will teach you for many endeavors: Romance, hot women/ men, new career path, pursuits of education, landing jobs, finding adventures, and dowsing the mysteries of lost Atlantis--or communicating with aliens, hunting Big Foot, and performing the art of necromancy--calling up your deceased aunt for her secret pickle recipe--whatever you like! And it will work, given the time and practice, combined with my vast experience in psi, psionics training, psionics technology, and dowsing. The magick is yours! It is easier if you work through a fun and entertaining series of packages and video courses that Vrilock Psionics offers you here >>

Essentially, what all this radionics and psionics stuff boils down to is a skill hardened in dowsing, sensing information through the nervous system, and working with the occult focused concentration. To this end I’ve compiled the best (and entertaining) courses and multimedia packs on the web; Which you may download instantly at! Where witches and wizards #KeepTheMagickHigh!™


Herr Dr. V.


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