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Instant Manifestation! Psionics Training and Technology!

Life is magick! Psionics Training and Psionics Technology with Herr Doktor Vrilock gets you

“INSTANT manifestation!”

No expensive and exhaustive rituals. Simple ritual items, often things lying around the house or that you can purchase from hobby lobby or eBay for pennies on the dollar! All you need is knowledge and some willingness to do a little practice with all the 40 years of wisdom from Herr Doktor V.!

Have you been brooding over the worries of the day? Fearful of the global narratives you’re bombarded by on the news? Listen to Vrilock now! Do not fear their warmongering, WW3. You should not dwell on such thoughts, for they only lead to greater and greater depths of despondency.

Life is magick! Joy is the true nature of the spirit. Everything else is… commentary. If you’re completely new then I instruct you to firstly read Keep The Magick High! The eBook! Then take the psionics academy to get up to speed very quickly. Or browse through ebooks on psionics technology and mind control training in my treasure trove of audibles, movies, ebooks, journals, and insiders documents. Join my club and get exclusive private podcasts and occult lectures—never seen before video demonstrations, and much, much more in the beginner’s page, projects page, insiders discounted shop, and great newsletters!

The world awaits your instructions to build life the way you want to live it!

#KeepTheMagickHigh! At Go to Vrilock's psion wisdom store!


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