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July 4 Knockout Sale!

Thrash the tyranny with psionic magick this 4th of July! Use these psionics digitals to knock off the capstone of the authoritarian powers! Keenly focus your mind on this slew of rare occult gems! eBooks, audible guides to instantly conjuring up servers! Servitors! Spirit warriors! Facilitate a smooth road of life in the times ahead by projecting your powers into the near future—and get results with psionic magick, Vril Fire and Ice sorcery, and awesome amplifier psychotronics! Buy it. Watch it. Print it! You’re ready to rock!

Psionic Power Magick is YOURS for 20% OFF on ALL Video Courses! For the entire week!

The good Doktor’s gift to you! Sale ends Friday July 8th! At midnight! Download yours tonight! >>

Happy 4th! And Freedom to ALL!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor Vrilock and the Psionic Lensmen!

Join the Vrilock Club!

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