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Meet Your New Neighbors: Biometrics Mind Pill Zombies!

Psionics Training vs Biometrics Mind Pill Zombies is in full effect! Decide on a side! NOW! Read on, dear neophyte! Heed the example before you in the woke world! Send in the Psionic Robots!

“Inner Cosmos Raises $10 Million To Treat Depression With BCI Implant. Inner Cosmos, a new neurotechnology company founded by serial entrepreneur Meron Gribetz, today presented its first neural implant to treat depression. The neurotechnology company created what it calls “a digital pill for the mind." similar to a cochlear implant.[…]” 

Charlie Fink Contributor
Jan 10, 2023
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Everyone in the business out there would like to slip a chip under your fingernail or burrow it into your forehead. But, none of these high tech variants of medieval treatment of human beings is going to establish you as an individual of personal empowerment. The key since the beginning of ancient occult wisdom has been on the focus of the mind. Your mind belongs to you! Your ability to hold your focused-concentration is what separates you from the flock. And, here's the real secret: this ability is the only thing guaranteed that cannot be taken away--not even by death. You are guaranteed two things in life: taxes and death. I'm now giving you a 3rd guarantee: Psionics! You get to keep what you learn; Forever!

Whether you are an adept in psionics or just beginning to learn about this fascinating area of paranormal phenomena expressed through engineering concepts, Vrilock Psionics has a video course, book, audible, or multimedia package just for you!

Go to Where witches & wizards #KeepTheMagickHigh! ™

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