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Mindful Runa Principles


Mindful Runa Principles

Neighbors disturb you routinely. Do not stop to relate or understand it. Butt sore people are not off the true rune folk.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!

Curious is good. Nosy is bad. It’s simple. I will teach you to see the entire planet 🌎 in your minds eye, feel it in your heart chakra, resist the world’s imbalances by firing up your solar plexus, and tie primordial power and all of life-force through your Hara center. From this mental elevation you are aware of the diversity of patterns, and likewise the many similarities of minds across the surface of the earth, in the hollow echoes of its history, and you become more mindful of your thoughts; gathered within or sprawled without; The principles of fire and ice strengthen your mind’s eye—Fortifying your brow chakra. This Vril: Fire & Ice knowledge has effectively trained you into a psionic juggernaut!

In my known as the Psionics Club I teach students of magick, psychic power, and Psionic power through guided audio and video meditation  to harness this power over material Reality. You will no longer ‘wonder’ what is the cause of difficulties in the world. All people will become transparent to you. The many cultural differences, the patterns in the mind and the flesh and the blood will become known to your mind. The myriad possibilities of what the world is like in all alternative realities is now known to you. Understand if the world were ruled by the Russian Empire what their energies would be like funneling into every society. Know also what the European and Chinese dynasties are in alternative realities. See the alternative reality of a war won by Germany, Japan—If Italy ruled today! If the Romans had never fallen! If we were all to this day Egyptian! Know all of these psionic patterns like the back of your hand when you train in my private magick library of audio lectures in!

The essence of runes is tied to the beginning of the prime polarities which came forth from the great void; Fire and Ice. These forces expand and contract the cosmos; Give and take life. Bring and steal away with your thoughts, your luck, the outcomes of various alternative realities. Your entire lot in life (the ‘orlog’) is nested within this shifting ocean of cosmic frequencies.

In your daily life you must understand that all persons you know and interact with are like miniature cos-models of a greater universal map. Tiny robots fulfilling the executions of code generated from the greater cosmic machine. Consciousness expands and contracts like a helium balloon. Personalities are solid as ice. While a moment may be good times, the seed of the individual retains its potency of primordial protocols; And like a rubber band retracts, snapping back into its true nature, and history repeats itself. This constant changing of consciousness is both a benefit and a curse. While we may delve into the riddles of mysteries, and conjure up wondrous ideas of creativity and invention, we remain prone to Loki the deceiver who is omnipresent throughout all time and space, nested into every atom since the beginning of time. Our willingness to entertain the identities of other people leaves us open to repeat offenses, misfortunes in our lives, and ultimately to be yet deceived again by the tricksters, as if we’ve lived our entire lives in parallel to some of the world’s greatest fairytale stories, trapped in the vestige of plots against our spiritual salvation!

Herr Doktor Vrilock frees you now by telling you this knowledge. You lack only the deeper training. Or have I erred? Perhaps you lack the will and drive to escape the veracity of such an artificial system as the one which has you snared by the guts and throat now? Know this and you will know all else: A crook is a crook. Loki will not transcend his character. That evolution is only for the truly sentient such as yourself to trek and revel in your success through these video courses like Vril: Fire & Ice and Psionics Academy 101.

Your girlfriends and boyfriends, coworkers, and companions chastise your will, and they are wooden soldiers and chess pieces set before you and on all sides to inhibit the moves you can make in the game of life, destabilizing your orlog. You must discard the unworthy and seek only your destiny—Then, and only thereupon mastery of self, shall the rightful companions shine through the fog of lies, and soul mates make themselves visible to your spiritually awakened eyes.

Before you is all that you have prepared in your mind and carved out of life by your actions. All of your training has made you a psionic superman.

You are now free.

This could be you.

Firstly, train through the top four video courses in psionics. 30 years of psionics power from the first student of the master and godfather of psionics has been compiled into an artful and albeit entertaining video course: Psionics Academy 101! If you are in a hurry to muster all of your rune might then you will pursue the Vril: Fire & Ice video course initially. Then take the Psionics Academy, followed by the Awesome Amplifiers video course.

Get closer to the mentor and master of psionics when you become a club member. Join the Psionic Brotherhood -

Keep in mind that the training of your fundamental core, the inner will and true self protects you and lends you psychic defense ability. This is because consciousness changes from one moment to the next; Expanding and contracting, just as you breathe in and exhale the vital breath of life.

When I wake up on a bad day, full of doubts I  instantly recognize the influence of past programs, institutional mind warping, MK Ultra covering the entire planet! I am quickly snapped back together like a rubber band to empowerment because my core has been transformed by runa principles, rune3 might, and pure raw psionic focused concentration, and the ease and use of simple amplifying psionic patterns!

Now it is your turn to become fundamentally at the core a psionic juggernaut - a psychic Superman!



Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!



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