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Navigating the Celestial Dance: From Pisces' Dreams to Aries' Fire

As the Sun gracefully waltzes from the dreamy waters of Pisces to the fiery vigor of Aries, March becomes a cosmic bridge—a delicate balance between the ethereal and the bold. In this celestial choreography, we find reflections of our own journey: from introspection, guided by the New Moon in Pisces around March 24th, to the decisive action that awaits as the Sun enters Aries. Join us as we explore the mystical realms and set intentions under the star-studded canvas of the zodiac. 🌟✨ Now is time to join! for psionics training! #KeepTheMagickHigh!

Learn about focused-concentration, runes, elemental glyphs, sigils, amplifier patterns, servitors, global remote psi nodes, psionic robots, splicing intelligences and attributes, quantitative psionics, radio and radionics magick, and mind-body-brain empowerment! And a hell of a lot more!

Get access to more than 5+ years of audio lectures and videos, at no additional cost after your club dues are paid!

In addition to these benefits we offer perks of up to 50% OFF on select items in the club members exclusive store!



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