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NFT Magick in the Vrilock Psionics Metaverse!

Retrospecting back to August of 2021 Vrilock PSIONICS Metaverse began contemplating a campaign to fundraise a new area of *psychic* research into brain-to-computer-interface (BCI) for psionic mind meditation and psi magick, involving colleagues, students, club members, and friends of Vrilock and Team!

The concept is to establish a medium of psychic (psi) and computer user experience (UX) which would open up to unlimited possibilities, and potentials for new tools, softwares, and even games for exercising a much unappreciated and overlooked faucet of human experience and hidden potential, latent super hero powers, and fantastic new adventures for all people so willing to take the time to play with this technology and magick!

Herr Doktor von Vrilock discovered interesting and never-seen-before phenomena in EEG readings on computer screen when communicating with magick sigils; Including a straight line of electric flow from the frontal lobe of his brain to the back of his brain, and energy traveling beyond the cranium and into exterior physical space. Some of these recordings are held in Vrilock's private library, while others were lost in the process of experimenting and exploration of psionic possibilities in computer information systems and applications including brainwave sensors, dowsing, and focused-concentration games.

Vrilock's First Ever Recorded Brainwaves NFT!!!>>

Why the Metaverse for Psionics?

Well, as it turns out Herr Doktor von Vrilock, (Dr. H.c., a.k.a. Thomas Walton, Dr. H.c. in Psychotronics, Meditation, Technical Authoring with experience in writing process procedures for companies including Endevco, Execuquest/ Job Exchange, ICU Medical, Metrognome, DelTel, and Rainbird) found in the early to mid 1990's that he could interact with the minds of other people and even computers during online computer games, newsgroups, and emails. This realization that there was something more than mere coincidence working in the background of some quantum level of reality began this epic journey into the merging of the psychic mind and machines for Tom Vrilock, Dr. of Psychotronics and Meditation.

The Metaverse is still an open-ended build project full of potential for creative minds and enthusiastic, passionate creators for content. With some experiments in apps such as Metaverse on iPhone Herr Doktor von Vrilock created virtual magick servitors to bring people mind-money magick energy, and the feedback from students and clients is astoundingly phenomenal!

Seeing the opportunity to create psionics content on this wonder of mediums that we will soon know as the spatial web, web 3.0, web3, and of course The Metaverse, Tom Vrilock began building test projects, experimenting with virtual magick, and collaborating with some of the best minds in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks--Including the one and only Mr. Oleg Feldgajer, CEO of Canada Green ESC! Dr. Vrilock has also interviewed the great mind who worked with Dream Labs, the one and only Dr. Richard Alan Miller whom you may have listened to on Coast to Coast Am Talk Radio or the George Noory show. Vrilock considers these great men to be colleagues and champions of innovating new breakthroughs, while Dr. Vrilock has spawned a whole new trend in his followers to delve into cryptomancy, an artform of remotely influencing coincidences in world economics and financial possibilities to make society wealthier, more prosperous, and all inclusive across borders, between many different peoples.

In short... A new and better world in on the horizon!

How about non-fungible tokens (NFT) as a medium?

And so now you may very well ask why did Dr. Vrilock, H.c. Psychotronics delve into NFTs as a means for producing content and artwork? Well, I'm going to tell you all about it! Or, perhaps, some about it. This is because non-fungible tokens (NFT) is a relatively new medium of minting collectibles. And, well, Vrilock originally published occult classics in print which were intended to be kept as collectibles which our friends and clients could later resell on eBay for a nice chunk for rare collectibles in occult literature. Which, by the way, occult books sold in rarebooks collections are indeed very expensive; with some volumes trading anywhere between a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars--and even truly rare books in the 100,000 dollar collectible value!

NFTs are of course digital. And as the world becomes more digitalized it is also becoming more interconnected. Psionics, as you may have already guessed by now, is indeed already way ahead of the game! Psionics interconnects everything! And a psionic metaverse created by Herr Doktor von Vrilock is already manifesting in between the cracks like a cosmic glue holding together the future of our planet. The reason for this use of psionics is because like politics and big oil business everybody has a different agenda. It's very difficult to arrive at a good deal for the whole planet. Thus, Vrilock Psionic Metaverse will bring about the greatest world and global compromise through these tools which will expand the minds of the many people of the world to become aware of the living and thriving life-force of our planet, and even by extension our place in the grand cosmic scale of things alive and someplace in between. This Vrilock Psionic Metaverse 'awakening' will greatly expand our scope and range for working the human god-like abilities to become true caretakers of the earth, and venture outward into the cosmos to expand human civilization in a very new and powerful way.

Psionically speaking, NFTs can act as magical keys, mental signatures or tokens retaining their original psionic properties to a big degree of accuracy.

With further developments in technology and Vrilock Psionic Metaverse following in parallel the absolute potency of NFT Psionic Metaverse Magick properties will be tremendously enhanced to a level that will make us all wonder how it ever was we were once so powerless and clueless about the true nature of reality, and our place in the universe as minitature demi-gods.

It is in my not so humble opinion that the universe was created for human minds and possibly other alien minds to make it work for our wishes. Now, with these developments in science, technology, quantum breakthroughs, and psionics discipline and psionic metaverse art we will fulfill these wishes once and for all of eternity!

Keep the Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.

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