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Open Influence

A greater majority of humans are open to all manner of influence at every turn in the big game of life. From environmental frequencies to television and social media, your 🧠 brain is on electric an electric stove, cooking patterns of into your mind! Your brain is lit 🔥!

Like a circuit system the signals running seemingly randomly through out your cortex and thalamus are converted into ethereal algorithms; Ultimately registering as habits and impulses.

Now then, of course you’d like to be the one in control. You don’t like surprises. Commanding an understanding of all that impacts your Power to think and act is essential to your work in magick! Albeit, the myriad contraptions of the consumer elite cannot be allowed to further inhibit your reasoning ability beyond a certain degree—But you’d like to do more than this!

Well, now, the most distinguishable feature between a man who is in control and a man who is not is the absence of presence. The more consciousness you bring in to the ‘here and now’ then the more self-empowerment you will possess!

To invade the human mind there must be portals at every threshold of your senses, and a back 🚪 door into your mind! To seal this door shut you will harness the power of a few simple glyphs as explained in Vril:Fire&Ice! This video course guides you through the glyphs most needed, thus saving you lots of time learning about things that are off the utmost importance to you!

Don’t be controlled! Take control! Take the video course Vril: Fire & Ice to empower your runic Psionic might and abilities!

Keep The Magick High!


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