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So, I’m going to talk to you about how to think like a psion. First of all a Psion is a sentient being whom has developed psionic abilities at the level of the physical brain and indeed the entire body is a psychotronic instrument, much like the grandmasters of ancient times who became a karate-ka or a Sifu of the martial arts; Their bodies replaced their need for crude weapons. In essence the human form is the perfection and masterpiece of the gods.

Now, in practical terms for our more contemporary times this grandmaster mindset applies to our attitude toward the body social. The majority of time for a busy person is spent in the presence of other people. This can be both a curse and a blessing depending on the psychic, mental, and emotional qualities surround the individual and the group to which the individual is most familiarized with.

The wise psion is a good listener. This is an easy given point because the majority of the time people surrounding you will have much to say, sometimes too much, or they are not very receptive to other people. And in some cases these folks are in charge of operations at your place of work, your classroom, or whatever manner of gathering where people converse or whether they actually have qualify conversations or simply make a whole lot of noise.

To be frank 70-80% of your time depending on how close-quartered you happen to be with your associates, relatives, classmates, and other people will be spent either listening or arguing for attention to your point of view. Very rarely in such situations does the point of each person involved come through clear and coherently. That’s a good 80% or more of your time spent listening. Which is, as a matter of course, the wise decision… that is, to listen firstly.

It is quite a change of character for some of us to switch off the part of our mind which demands that others hear our point before going on. However, you must toggle that switch in your mind to say “I must work to listen first.”

There’s a side benefit to this pursuit of being a good listener. That is, while it may be draining to hear every detail of another person’s experiences it is even more energy being lost to an argument. It is wisest to listen first, and then when the other person has exhausted their stories you may implement a subtle suggestion - assuming you have a wise direction for other people to follow your ideas. As a matter of course the other person may have more wisdom to share with you but they may simply be very poor presenters of this wisdom. Give them time and an ear and the person may improve over time.

Remember it is the struggle to be heard which delays or impedes development in any human to human relationships. A Psion realizes this. Unnecessary conflicts are avoided in the personal life of the psion.

IN his spare time which is the remaining time away from the vibrations and brainwaves of other people the psion may contemplate much of his life and rearrange or reorganize patterns. The key is the control of one’s own life is in his control. NOt in the hands of others. But there are steps to achieving this.

Now we move on to the part of this philosophy involving magick.

To be clear from the start I must say that psionics does not equate black magick. Rather if I had to simplify psionics to any particular color of magick then we’d say that Herr Doktor was liken to Gandalf the Yellow. What I intend to express to my students is that psionics is indeed what I refer to as ‘Yellow Magick’.

What is Yellow Magick?

Alright, if you have not had the marvelous good fortune to read my ebook Yellow Magick on Amazon then I will describe this to you in part now.

Yellow Magick is the wizardry and sorcery of intelligence and information. It is also the power of mind in all of its cosmic grandeur.

Therefore, psionics is yellow magick, and that means intelligence, information, and going further psionics is mind-stuff.

While I have said that psionics is not black magick there are exceptions to the Vrilockian Psionics Philosophy for this particular relationship psionics has to the powers of darkness. For a Vrilockian, that is a student of Vrilock Philosophy, this exception for working the so-called black magick is in direct proportion to the amount of disposition others have with the magician. More specifically we are talking about those other people who crave control over your life.

These kinds of people are rhetorically classified as ‘predators’, ‘control freaks’, and generally individuals who have no boundaries. In my personal experiences I’ve had to lay waste to individuals like this who are so diabolical at the deepest level of their DNA, and the core of their spirit, that they have no qualms or hard feelings about going through my mail, opening my financial and private mail, or preventing me from doing even the most critical necessity in life such as earning an education, completing a study program, or getting a better job. These kinds of people would let you sleep with an infestation of fleas in your bed rather than change their control conditions to allow an exterminator to remove the pests. And this is because their hearts are of chaos. They are the children of Ettin, spawn of the dragon at the heart of darkness. They are of the constraining power of the universe, of ice and contraction, jealousy, envy, and are inside themselves very tiny dark souls doomed to never achieve higher levels for spiritual advancement.

For these kinds of people you have a choice. Allow them to destroy you - and can they ever do this so beautifully, with all manner of seeming generosity, and lip service - or you can use psionics to delete them from your life pattern. One way or another.

The universe is brutally blunt. A black hole in outer space will not cease devouring our sun just because our sol system is host to the life giving planet earth. Likewise, we must in our lives draw a fine line where our compassion and higher level spiritual energies will be associated with those truly deserving of love, and then those who are going to be a problem for us.


Sometimes the answer is more simple. We can simply ignore them. Walk away. Move to a new residence. Find another job. But there are those whom hunt after other people. And with such devils you can have not tolerance for them. You must use psionics to remove the problem in some fashion. For some problems we can conjure up the powers of authority—perhaps the law can act in some way to intervene and put up insurmountable boundaries for people who do not respect boundaries. But in other cases only black magick will work.

The goal for your life is to work toward being truly in a position of control in your life. And with this of course does also present new problems and challenges. For once we have planted our feet at the zenith of this journey we should also check that we are truly wise enough to be in charge of all that surrounds us. Those forces surrounding the magician are powerful, and we can easily destroy ourselves pursuing a path where even angels fear to tread.

You want to live a good life. You wish to be in control of your destiny. In conclusion you should become a good listener. Be patient and reserve your essence (in more ways than one.), and practice seeing reality as a system of many sub systems.

Your life is your sub system. Build it.

Reminder… while there are forces of darkness in the world bent on our destruction, inter dimensional wars raging over our sphere of awareness, and invaders pawing at the veil between our worlds, and globalists traitors selling off our humans, there is also the most important battle wagging inside of you every moment between order and chaos. You must master and remaster your orlog every day.




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