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Psionic Truth Sayer Magick

Psionics, like military tech, is results driven. In contrast, popular science dresses up what passes for news but is inevitably only plausible as fashionably acceptable and collective rhetoric these days. Psionics speaks to reality, and reality obeys.

In the past year of working with club members and a select few psionic knights the project Dragnet has yielded undeniable and influential results on a global scale. (And it costs very little money down to get it all started.)These results include the word out from … that the National Academies have begun looking into the tribes in Africa to solve the mystery of Americans having poor oral hygiene and tooth decay more in our modern age; and even an entrepreneur taking this research to the next level despite what must royalty disturb the big pharma suits.

More over, all around the planet the truth is being forced to the surface. Nations begin to resist the 1% ruling class. Refusal to go along with lockdowns. Restaurant in Huntington Beach California won’t let vaccinated people eat inside but allows non-vaccinated people to dine in. But, we never give up on anyone! I’ve heard rumor that ‘pine nut oil’ is a good defense against the toxins our governments have put into us for many years. And pure natural baking soda as I’ve talked about this in my podcasts multiple times is working for me personally! Not medical advice, but maybe that’s all just as well! I’m super happy with my remedies and for taking time to listen to people who’ve learned so much about these natural healing potentials! And, of course we can use our prayer boards to bring spiritual energy balance back into our lives! We’ve got a lot of person empowerment! So do you!

Alberta breaks away from the rest of Canada, telling Trudeau to go fly a kite. Protestors in France spray Macron’s building with cow manure. Germany gives the cops a good fight on the streets as citizens protest mask mandates and lockdowns.

Of course nobody is in the clear just yet. Majority leader of the republican senate appeared in Technocracy News article as having stated that folks who refuse vaccination must get ready for lockdowns. That, by the way, sounds a lot like a threat against the American people. (Nobody in office has a right to threaten the American people.)

The world of tomorrow depends on what you will do today. You don’t have to be John Rambo or Captain America to do your part in the cleanup. Psionics give even the disabled an elderly and the very young a vantage point to work from.

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Keep the magick high!



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