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Psionics, A Field of Dreams

“If you build it they will come.” That’s the big line from the film ‘Field of Dreams’; A movie about a fella who builds a baseball field and all the great athletes of the netherworld show up to play ball! But, can it be really manifested?

Well, have you ever dreamed of the perfect day? Golden rays gleaming over a green field--and then you see it: The perfect ballpark with the sun rise just over the outfield, manifested by the mystical powers that make your life worth living—albeit, aside from the cravings for a stadium dog and a beer in a foam cup, or a box of Crackerjacks. You know, the finer things in life.

So, I had such an experience. After laying out amplifier patterns to charge my thoughts into reality; An afternoon was spent psionic daydreaming about the old times my stepfather taught me to play baseball, and then years later when I was on the team that won first place in 3rd grade I was often placed in the positions of right field and centerfield, and later still I went on to become a proficient batter, even hitting home runs as a teenager playing with my stepfather’s coworkers at their company’s recreation facility!

So, as my memory picks out some of the best moments in retrospect, I recall that a few days following my work with psionic amplifier patterns some interesting occurrences manifested before my waking eyes. No longer just dreaming about the past, I was about to relive everything! Dreams preceded the reality of eventful manifestation. I would find myself slipping into the dreamworld at night; smelling the familiar but haunting fragrances of times of yore, my grandfather’s old hat laced with a whopping dash of Old Spice planted over my tiny blonde head, and I’m in the backseat of his station wagon on our way to the big game to see the Dodgers or the Angels—as dreams can mix events around—and I believe they were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. The dream was filled not only with familiarities of my family, but also the vividness of all manner of mental, physical, and emotional stimulations of the 1980’s.

Waking back in the real world I found that in my doldrums wandering around a countryside town trying to find perks at the local library or discounts at the general store, I stumbled into a fella from one of the religious communities out here where I live. I’ll just call him Mr. B. (And for the record here, Mr. B has always been a pleasure talking to on per chance encounters at the general store.) So, what happens in my story? Well, Mr. B pitched the idea that I should come play baseball with his church. Wowzers! Just like that? Yes, you may very well ask. It’s all quite true. Stuff like this happens, and it can be made to magically manifest more exponentially so with psionic amplifier patterns and radionics. But I digress.

So, check out my radionics and psychotronics video course Awesome Amplifiers!

In working psionics I’ve also manifested events which are far less personally involving. (And that’s a very important thing, because if we couldn’t influence external and remote events then none of this radionics and psionics stuff would be worth the pursuit.) So, for one example I worked the powers of psionics influential and remote intelligence magick radionics to cause developers to remake classic retrogames from the 80’s and port these games on to mobile phone applications. These games were specific titles for which I kept record of before and after operations of all possible coincidences (or lack thereof) which could be misleading about my ability to remote influence events psionically. Fortunately, after 30 years of working psionics I’ve developed superior results in manifesting these events. So, for me it was just like hitting a—heh heh heh—home run!

What I’d like to leave my fans and friends of Herr Doktor von Vrilock Psionics with is this… If you’re living your life as usual, that’s fine. But, if you’re using my psionics knowledge and psychic magick training courses then you’re really living your life! For you life is going feel as if you’ve literally leapt off the page of a Marvel comic book! And things will never be the same again! POW!

Welcome to the new game of life! Psionics! Whether you’re looking for new experiences and pleasures in life like playing baseball with new friends or trying to manipulate the bowling ball at Regal Lanes with your kinetic magick training, Vrilock Psionics is your go-to power library!!! BAAAM!

Some resources for you to get started include my video courses, ebooks, audiobooks, and the continued adventure takes the most loyal Vrilockian maniacs from the outfield straight into the inner diamond where you're up to bat for global projects in the psionics club! Rock on!

Keep The Magick High!

- Herr Doktor Vrilock


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