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Psionics: How Should I Live My Life?

How Should I Live My Life? Why shouldI do what others tell me?

Psionics can help answer this question for us!

Ordinarily, the question of ‘How should I live my life?’ is entirely up to the individual. At least, that’s how it should be. Surrounding any single person, however, is a maelstrom of information and emotions from which the person bases his or her decisions. (There is, as a matter of course, the question of quality of information, and validity.)

Info-emotions are a kind of social construct which we interact with daily; Constructs which leave strong impressions on most people. Whether we’re speaking of the weather, the latest local or global news, or what’s hot on Instagram—these are external influences which for the most part leave their mark and impress upon the receiver (stimuli) a variety of response patterns.

In psionics our philosophy is one of stout individualism. In short, nobody has a right to tell any other human being how to live their life. There are exceptions, such as working together to make sure the trash gets picked up once a week, or keeping the roads paved, or transportation of goods and services. Outside of these commonsense considerations, there is no reason to tell other people how to live.

Psionics is the kind of philosophy that isn’t going to win praise from the majority. Which is understandable. I might also add that it is rather fortunate. Think of it this way—If everyone was a psionicist there would be little point in the pursuit. It would be a scenario like running a company, but everyone there is a clone of Carol Burnett. The phones get answered, but nobody is going to build your products from a secretary’s desk.

Diversity is the nature of the world. And so is variability. All of this means that things are subject to change. The importance of this will become apparent as you reap from the practice of psionics. Going back to our secretary example, I might interject that by no means is the status of secretary to be snubbed; Albeit the face of every company is in the hands of the receptionist. And the receptionist is really a secretary positioned in the frontline of a business—Believe me, they have more work to do than polishing their nails and doing lip service to the big wigs of the corporation. Filing. Answering phones. Escorting—and most importantly, keeping the face of the company hospitable and dignified.

So, the important point here is to realize the value of knowing who does what—in any system! (We’ll cover the nature of variability shortly, but first we’ll consider information and the systems they comprise.)

Psionics is the influence of information. (Usually by remote.) Information exists within a system. Not only this, but information runs a system. Now then, a psionicist controls the activities of information, and by means of psionic control is (potentially) master of any system. Of course, you might wonder why an individual would want to control any system. The answer takes time to sink in for some folks. But, the short version of this reasoning is that the world is divided between controllers and the masses. It is something akin to an observation of the San Diego County Zoo; There are the occasional tourists touting their grandkids, and then there are the zookeepers—who’s counterparts are their furry prisoners, be they giant cats or reptiles who still remember the days of yore, and lament for a new uprising of Dinotopia.

Life isn’t fair.

What do you do about it?

Firstly, don’t expect life to be fair. However, with psionics there are things that you don’t have to endure—at least not for too long. Whether it is obnoxious neighbors or a terrible boss, you’ve got tools for dealing with it. I’ll admit that now with weather engineering we have competitors to psionics, but psionics can cause things to change in ways that ordinarily even super science and technology can’t make sense of. The only weakness in psionics would be it’s a bit slow at times, and getting the same results twice can be asking for a bit too much. (Remember, I said life isn’t fair. If it were fair, we would be as gods among ants.)

Secondly, don’t be afraid of life. There are myriad outlets of information which are by their very nature designed to input fear into your mind. Don’t let that happen to you. Set up a good laugh track every time you watch the news.

You’ll feel better.

Thirdly, analyze information that is important to you. Use your dowsing skillset to learn what is true or false in the world around you. Access information on any topic that you can tap into with your psionics and dowsing!

Finally, change information by its variability to fit your plans for the world! If you want the majority of people in a particular area to vote against mandatory consumption of cockroach milk, simply tune into the trend and counter-balance the latest stupidity out of existence. And yes I know stupidity is nearly impossible to rid the earth of. It’s sort of like scrubbing scum from the kitchen floor. But the point is that you don’t have to get every crack and cranny to have a shinny kitchen floor. With a little work in psionics and dowsing you will manage to laugh at things that don’t matter to you, and then influence the events that matter most to you.

You can say ‘good- bye’ to pseudo intellects on the news. (“Renowned cosmologist claims our universe could be a hologram!” [yes, hello. Michael Talbot wrote the Holographic Universe decades ago, you arses!].) Certainly MSM, SNS, and talk radio have played all their cards of woe. That is, if you still have a brain. Else, the news may still amaze you.

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