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Psionics Technology vs the Orwellian Prison Planet! Psionics to Stem the Attacks of China and Russia

Psionics to Stem the Attacks of China and Russia on the Free World!

My own journey into the paranormal and psionics technology began with a series of psychic episodes such as instant precognition, mind reading, and small degrees of kinetic influences upon my environment. This later evolved into horrifying encounters with extra-dimensional entities. Yet, no matter how terrifying the otherworldly may seem when you read this body of writing, I make the argument that global tyranny is absolutely the most wicked endeavor of the ruling class. (Psionics training changes our position in the world. Now we are empowered for a change!)

The true horror of the world is that the governments and their elite masters have a monopoly on the application of lethal force. This has always been the gatekeeper’s tool to lock us into this animal farm on this Orwellian prison planet. What devastation which breaks the civilizations of prosperous peoples around the world—what’s left of humanity, anyway—goes unchecked, save for the attempt of a United Nations, but unlike the Avengers they can’t stop the ruthless military might of Russia and China; An empire in the making. (Not if psionics technology and psionics training has anything to say about it!)

Psionic Brotherhood, the many psychics in the world who have trained up well with Vrilock Psionics Training and Technology are a formidable force to be reckoned with. Tonight you will become one of the global avengers to aid in the preservation of sovereign nations, independent peoples, and free souls! To begin you will now train in focused-concentration, dowsing, radionics, and advanced methods in psionics - such as remote presence, mental projection, and remote influence! You get psionics training when you join the!

Take your first step by training up in the Psionics Academy Video Course! Then when you’ve mastered the basic psionics technology and psionic skills come join the psionics training and magick content club to advance in various magical schools of thought, practice, and of course Vrilock's psionics philosophy!

Vrilock Psionics is where witches & wizards Keep The Magick High! ™


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