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Psionics Technology Master Vrilock's Early Psion Training How-to Guide

Psionics technology aside, this journey for me began with psionics training under my mentor Mr. Cosimano some 35+ years ago. But, for you there’s something to help make all the discipline of psionics literally no sweat at all! Read more!

So, I had my first couple of psionics partners. Norman. Max. Jennifer. Desiree. Each person was a different character, and while there are benefits I will say that everyone has their, uh... personality. Heh heh heh. In a nutshell we trained on awareness exercises: mind reading, remote motor control, telepathy, psychokinesis, astral projection, reading colors with a blindfold on, and testing emotional fortitude and fear by going on outings with my hands tied (rendering me defenseless).

I do not expect for you to perform these extreme training exercises designed by my former mentor. Rather, I have simplified the process of stimulating your 6th sense, your ESP, and your psychic Psion powers by means fun and effective. More importantly, they’re affordable and enjoyable. Not painful. You’ll be able to call upon forces of cosmic power from the same sources of high magick and low magick, but with desktop and tabletop simple arrangements, further hacked by psionics. Sounds complicated but it is really very simple and easy to follow by taking video courses, referencing my journals as they are released, and listening to my audibles.

1. Read Keep The Magick High

2. Read the Vrilock Practical Guides Trio

3. Take the Psionics Academy

4. Select your electives to learn more or join the club!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.


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