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Requiem for God

The soulless have become a world disaster. The intrusions of foreign powers on private and family order have become second-nature to so many humans, that we now treat the tyrannical dictum of the television, universities, and politico propaganda as a requiem for God. What must be renewed is what is good.

On the larger scale of the world from a high level view one skilled operator might seek to accomplish the impossible. And yet, it is through each individual and his family where the most important changes can and should be made. In the living rooms across America the metaphorical needle reaching down from the rift over the airwaves penetrates every household with a digital television. Our brains are rewired on social media nearly as much as so on popular cinema and radio waves. You want to help your family, but the members in your house are ‘taken’—their souls belong to the tube. And whatever funnels down that channel their minds are attuned to is what will displace their former warmth and compassion. From the dictation of the State to the seemingly whimsical puns of the buffoons in entertainment, there is no questioning of most anything they are conveying into the minds of their audiences. Smaller persons cannot be told what is happening to them; For this only exacerbates their clinging to their vices and obsessions—their addiction to abusive mind control. By smaller persons we do not imply that these individuals or their families are by any means lesser than ourselves. Rather it is to say that smaller persons belong to a rather limited circle of labels and trivia; And therefore making them more aware of the ongoings of hypocrisy has hitherto no avail. What can be done is what I have done myself with the power of psionic rune might. Setting up the overall orlog, the web of synchronicities in one’s life, and then crafting psi constructs which recapture control of a situation, and mend family ties, and bring about harmony more often than without the runic powers I speak of. To bring in this balance, and to usher in renewed love and peace of mind, I advise my following and our dear friends to take the Vril: Fire and Ice Video Course. This course will awaken the polarities of the universe in your mind’s eye, and then bring into balance this tremendous power of the universe, and bring it under your control. The video course further explains how to develop a much stronger control of the various runes, and prepares you with the essential exercises for controlling the forces of the universe, and more importantly the destiny of which you deserve to create for you and your loved ones.

Come and keep the magick high at with the Vril: Fire & Ice Video Course! Changing your life, and brining balance back into the lives of your loved-ones, is your duty in this life. Get started today!


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