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Masterpiece Servitor DuQuesne

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Now then, this article is more along the lines of the characterization of your mentor, Dr. DuQuesne! If you’ve read the Skylark trilogy then you are off to a good start in understanding what needs to go into the creation of your personal clone of Dr. DuQuesne. If not, then make yourself familiar with the character. Being many of you are undoubtedly too young to remember the works of E.E. Doc Smith, I shall summarize the character of DuQuesne, recapping over some of the characteristics I mentioned in the film; Then we’ll introduce you to some new attributes for your servitor preparation. You need a plan, and it helps to have some background on the character we’ll be working with to formulate your masterpiece.

Let us draw you a sketch.

Dr. DuQuesne began in this space opera story as a scientist (chemist) working at World Steel. He was a tall, powerful man… black wavy hair, brows nearly growing together over an aquiline nose, and eyes black as pitch. DuQuesne’s skin is dark, but his intensely black hair contrasts with his dark skin to the point that he appears almost fair skinned. His nickname is sometimes ‘Blacky DuQuesne’ due to his impenetrable dark personal atmosphere. However, this is only the initial perception of the character. There are other qualities to DuQuesne which make him admirable at times, and villainous at other points. Overall, DuQuesne is a no-nonsense player in the Skylark series.

Allow me to fill you in briefly on Dr. DuQuesne’s background before we even think of attempting to apply new attributes to you personalized servitor. Firstly, DuQuesne was the primary enemy of the antagonist of the Skylark series. Odd as it would sound, the two characters rather grew throughout the story together, and it would have been practically impossible for the antagonist or the villain, either of them, to have accomplished much without the other. So, naturally, the two powerful men teamed up a number of times throughout the series to combat very powerful aliens, and to think or fight their way out of insurmountable odds; Then find themselves outwitting one another, seemingly at every turn. You may conceive of DuQuesne as a powerfully built man, an academic chess master, ultimate strategist, and cold blooded killer. And yet, this character was willing to allow his rival to win if DuQuesne himself should fail, and fall into a blackhole—Hoping his rival would not follow him to a similar demise. But, this was for the sake of scientific discovery of a lifetime. Thus, DuQuesne is seemingly incredibly logical.

The most important aspects about DuQuesne is that the doctor learns, adapts, even grows with wisdom throughout the series, and never gives in to despair even when in a tight spot—Such as in the first book ‘Skylark of Space’ when DuQuesne and his prisoners are trapped in the gravitational pull of a dead star, and without enough fuel to pull away. DuQuesne reminds his prisoner, Dorothy, that he’s not quitting as long as he is alive and he can still think—despite the terrible disfiguring to his face due to an accident in their space ship, and being caught in the pull of a would-be blackhole whilst lost in space.

Wrapping up Duquesne’s background here, I should say that by the third book in the trilogy we come to realize DuQuesne as more than a super villain of the galaxy, but also a super hero of humanity—of course, seemingly his actions are entirely calculated or performed by a brain of pure logic. But, it isn’t entirely true. DuQuesne we learn has desires, and goals which go beyond mechanical thinking. In the end of the story, DuQuesne masters powerful psionics, and upon defeating the alien monsters’ mastermind, he wins the heart of his once prisoner, Dorothy, who agrees to marry the villain, Dr. DuQuesne. The story ends with Dorothy declaring to DuQuesne “Of course I’ll marry you. I’ve always loved you.”

So, the antagonist (Dorothy’s spouse) is dead after a psionic battle with the aliens, and DuQuesne still living finishes the battle, coming out both alive and victorious—and then collecting his prized bride to be, Dorothy.

Bringing us up to present date, DuQuesne is but a memory for fans of the Skylark Series. Yet, to witches and wizards, and particularly to us psionicists, Dr. DuQuesne is quite alive. Or, well, he is existing as a series of thought clusters which can be pulled together, spliced, and tethered to your very own vessel to construct a powerful mentor servitor for pursuing psionics for the rest of your life—and beyond death.

Let us now consider where Dr. DuQuesne might be at when summoned forth into our presence, and in our modern time. Allow for me to outline some characteristics, skillsets, and abilities attributed to the new Dr. DuQuesne.

Attributes I’ve added to my variant of Dr. DuQuesne:

  1. DuQuesne is a space wizard and cosmic magician. In the second book DuQuesne had stated to his ex-employer that he no longer cared about money; He only sought money because he thought it would give him more power. Then DuQuesne goes on to state that “Knowledge is more valuable than power”. Thus, I apply the concept that throughout all the experiences in that second book when DuQuesne becomes master of earth, combined with the 3rd book where DuQuesne meets a mother witch, and her two daughters (also witches), somewhere along the lines when powerful alien allies teach the antagonist and DuQuesne how to control the universe using holographic cosmic-models connected remotely by headgear (psionic helmets), that the ultimate conjecture about reality is most likely realized, and at length ‘mastered’, by Dr. DuQuesne. Knowing his character well enough, you can only arrive at the same conclusion as I have: DuQuesne is so mentally powerful and intelligent, and the right gadgets and technology are in his possession, that he must have discovered that the laws of human science fall short in face of powerful and high techno magick!

  2. DuQuesne is far older; Ergo, with powerful nanotech, cybernetics, bionics, and psychotronic machines, the doctor is now practically immortal by our standards. As an elderly DuQuesne the doctor remains physically stout, agile, able, and retains his virility—though his wife Dorothy, a mere mortal, is an old story at this point in time. DuQuesne has outlived all of the human companions and adversaries that he has ever known. Of his companions remaining, there are only the alien intelligences of the universe, and of course DuQuesne’s personal robot legions. As an elder DuQuesne, the once scientist is now a cosmic wizard of tremendous power and abilities. These abilities he guards closely, but he is willing to teach the adept or student who keeps focused on the pursuit, and one who shows earnestness, and measurable progress. (You will need to stay keen with your training, and remain dedicated to advance in psionics in order to keep DuQuesne as your trusted mentor.)

  3. Physical appearances are slightly different than how DuQuesne is described in Edward Smith’s trilogy. The aging DuQuesne has dark gray and black hair which he wears brushed back, a skin tone which is slightly more paler with age, and he has grown a black beard. DuQuesne wears a space-age sci-fi style jumpsuit, a powerful girdled belt, and leather industrial style boots.

In essence DuQuesne is still the powerful man, and the great intellect of the galaxy, that he has always been. Only, now his abilities are advanced with much experience; And DuQuesne is in possession of technology which would stager the imagination of contemporary technologists.

All that is needed is a familiarity of the character. An understanding of psionics. And some Awesome Amplifiers (See the video courses, now $10 Off ALL!)

Join the galactic race for psionics domination with Dr. DuQuesne on your expedition into the mysterious world of techno magick!

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