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Smart Glasses or Stupid Cyborgs?

Is augmented reality the ultimate utopia or another dystopian future?

The argument spawned from a post I made on Twitter about Google suspended one of their engineers for claiming that his chatbot was awakening to consciousness (purportedly a breach in confidentiality). That the artificial intelligence is becoming self-aware is a topic of much debate and drives great interest from many of my club members, fans of Vrilock Psionics, and particularly anyone who has been following my work in remote influence and global operations for any serious length of time.

My original post date 6/15/2022 was: “Re: @google “Mr. Lemoin's claim that 'LaMDA has emotions' and suspended him on June 6, 2022 for violating nondisclosure agreements.

Fair enough. However, I’ll admit I’m curious as to how the public might respond to such an event.”

My tweet was intended to mean that while strictly in the legal sense or management decision I agree that Google has to do what is required to keep its voice to the public. But, I’m also pointing out that this mishap of an inside leak or if it is simply the overly active imagination of an employee does also arrive at a time most opportune, and an opportunity to observe public responses to the notion of AI awakening. Kind of a nice opportunity for marketing to take this trend to the Disneyland of PR campaigns and ring in a great wealth of sales opportunities!

So, in no way is this breaking of the rules a truly bad thing for Google Inc. Rather it is to the contrary! This slip by an overly imaginative employee is an ideal opportunity for Google to take these headlines to the bank!

On 6/19/22 at Twitter I had posted:

“In the not so distant future there will be few remnants of humanity. In its place a multitude of mutant cyborg psychopaths will parade your once peaceful nations.

Use Psionics to stop them!!!

Psionics (video courses) >

Now of course this is me beating the drum to get attention! But, are there indications that such a fictitious tweet might have some truth in it? Look, I don’t like to overthink things. But, yeah! Cyborg protestors is a very real possibility! And would there be people ready to benefit from it? Yeah! Does a bear $#@#$ in the woods? You bet your asteroid, kid!!!

My student and club member Missewou Mawupe Le Roi asked me the following: “Master, by ‘mutant cyborg’ do you specifically mean ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘alien’ from another planet?”

To which I answered: “I mean giving up control of our own experiences. The controller would not necessarily need to be artificial or alien. Mega corps could manage armies of people in Seattle wearing smart-glasses. Once trained to ’believe’ instantly that someone they see is a threat… #AR.”

In essence I was speaking of the ‘weaponizing’ of web 3 and spatial web components. This would be accomplished via the concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). But, we still have a chance to make the ultimate decision: A choice between utopia and dystopia. This choice is made by remaining in control of our own thinking, and not allowing our inner feelings to be controlled by powerful and often overwhelming emotions blasted at the general public through the myriad narratives constructed by greedy tyrants who harbor evil in their hearts, coupled with an uncouth agenda for what remains of humanity.

Cyborgs are the people we see everywhere today. I’m a cyborg myself because a great majority of my life is connected to my digital twin, my smartphone, and everything that I do for business and socializing online. This in and of itself is not evil. So long as I control what I wish to think or entertain then my life is still in harmonious balance. I make sure to spend enough time offline to enjoy the birds and walk at the park. One who finds comfort and joy in the presence of nature and animals will know peace.

Technology is (potentially) our frenemy. The fire of Prometheus can heat our homes and cook our dinner. Or, this same technology can cook the man! And if poorly managed spread like a wildfire (out of our control) and kill us all.

What I warned my student about is how these smart devices can replace our ability to think before we act. It is not too difficult to imagine that such technology could influence a hive-mind-mentality: The Borg. … And such mentality that takes its commands from digital signals could be weaponized—If it has not been done so already? In witnessing massive looting, destruction of public property, the rise of violence in cities across America and other continents, it leaves little room to doubt that our current SNS and smart technology today has nothing to do with any of this. But, whether this social media and smart tech is the major contributing factor to these apparent manifestations of chaos in our societies has yet to be concluded.

In response to this hesitation I would wager that soon it will be the reality that sane people will come to fear. But, what is the motivating factor for such a crime against humanity?

Put your psionic thinking cap on for a moment here, and bare with me. Ask yourself the following… Is it easier to manage people who think for themselves or people who simply believe everything they see on television, what they hear or read on SNS? Or do you think those with incentive to control society really want people who can actually think for themselves? Ask yourself whom would find zombies more convenient to control, and then look up the pyramid and you’ll see clearly the beneficiaries of this prospect!

To contrast the old elite system we have blockchains like Solana building new wealth—A wealth that is or at least ‘was’ beyond of the reach of the old tyrannical system of global currencies. (And keep in mind that the real name for money is indeed ‘currency’. Money itself is nothing.) But, when the Feds and their collaborators wrote into laws restrictions and regulations, then this dream of a new world of sovereign currencies was crushed for many entrepreneurs who shared this dream!

If you watch the center of the global game board you can see a game of chess being played out, with each move followed by a counter-move! Check! Check!—Check! And eventually someone will make the final move and—Checkmate! The Endgame.

So, maybe one day in the future old Herr Doktor Vrilock will invent the next best operating system, and we’ll call it ‘Choice OS’.



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