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Progress Vs. Skepticism in Psionic Robots

Psionics and Magick Progress Vs. Skepticism

Still reading Llewellyn’s New Age books? There’s nothing new about it. You buy the brandname, and you feel as close to the author as your house is to Mac Donalds. Just, that you have a little less money and you’re kids are demanding their Happy Meals. Well, at least you’ve got entertainment. If that’s what you really want. I guess it is all very swell. If not so swell, then you need to read on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future of psionics is here. ‘Psionic Robot’ is the first step in a new direction of psionics. Some people are skeptical about this idea, but these same people would be just as uncertain about the idea if I told them that they could plug their psionic helmet into an iPad/ Android tablet or even a PC computer and mentally surf the hoodie-hoodie noosphere of Atem using the world wide web as a conduit for thought-travel. And why shouldn’t it work? So, I will try to explain it here.

During the early to mid 1990’s I had the pleasure of watching some people play an online multiplayer video game. Aside from the splatter-this and splatter-that glory of these games, I noted that I could remotely sense in my mind the various personalities all interconnected through the internet video game. Sort of like we were sharing a medium for a mental construct.

One day I had the opportunity to play a few of these online video games while my family was away on a business trip to Brazil.

My mind opened up to a higher level while alone. (This tends to be the case for most operations in any kind of magic, particularly so in spirit work).

I noticed that in a few different sessions there were differences in my ability to read impressions coming from the other players online.

Well, it first occurred to me that I had started wearing the headphones for the duration of the game after nightfall. I was merely being courteous to the elderly couple who lived in the condominium next-door. I did not wish for the noise of the game to disturb them. So, a rather significant increase in interactiveness or intimacy with the other players seemed to be more clear while wearing the headphones. When other players would sneak up behind me, I would know it in advance. Where other players were hiding, I would get an image in my mind’s eye. If someone was smoking a cigarette while playing the game, or having a beer, I could sense this on occasion as well. I could also sense if an onscreen opponent was a robot or a real person. And, I could sense if a real person was someplace sitting back and watching me fight the ‘bots’ (robots). Now, of course there isn’t much use in being able to do this sort of telepathy. The point is that a link can be established. And this link is there because we are concentrating on the virtual environment of the game. Headphones simply make that connection easier or more intimate, and perhaps this is because the headphones back in the 90’s covered the crown of the head (Stereo type headphones were still popular enough in the 90’s, and we didn’t use the Gummy brand headphones that fit inside the ears that are more common today).

Psionic power is everywhere. This power can be used with anything and everything.

What you’re not aware of as of yet, is that I’m going to instruct my readers on how to do things like bring up the onscreen keyboard on a tablet pc or iPad without touching the screen. This is in route through my VPG Series (e-books) on the Shop page.

As we progress into a more technical world the magick will follow. Perhaps, it is more clear to point to the idea of humans engaging with machines on multiple levels of reality. Some of us are more adaptive to this transition, while others need a little help getting there. But, with my new guide series you’ll learn about inner-will-fire, miraculous transmutation, kinetic magick, and tele-mechanics (telepathy with machines).

But, of course, you could just buy another cute book from Llewellyn for double or triple the price. (It’s alright. I read some of their books, myself. But, what I am really paying for is the brandname of the publisher.) In contrast, the VPG Series is designed to be cost-effective, entertaining, and more importantly it is useful to the student of the occult practices. When you go to the shop page look for the ribbon labeled ‘VPG’.

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