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Uncle Chuckie’s Second Life ;)

In a quiet and peaceful Greek restaurant, old Uncle Chuckie and Vrilock sat down to eat some good old American food. Ha! It was delicious! Yes-well. So, in the course of our meal I asked the godfather of psionics how things in Second Life were going. (For your information, Second Life is a virtual world patronized by our favorite archfiend, Uncle Chuckie.)

Well, Charles was pleased to speak of this virtual world of Second Life, and so we had a nice talk about it. And so in the process of talking about this virtual world I asked Charles to consider writing about it someday, and perhaps mention something about using psionics with virtual worlds. (I have my own story of using telepathy in some of the old multiplayer games, but I’ll talk about that in my upcoming VPG: The Wondrous Wheel.)

Well, as the story goes Chuck is using psionics paired with this virtual world of Second Life to build astral realms. Or, as I take it, these are thought-forms which then coalesce or congeal into artificial realms or gigantic constructs of a sort. Well, Chuck’s going to have to write about it, because I can’t quite explain the concept as wonderfully as he can.

So in conclusion to our conversation, Chuck said that he doesn’t mind if I drop by his astral fortress after we leave this planet. Haha! So, we’ll probably do lunch there in the After-Life—I mean, Second Life!

Say, how about trying some psionics with a virtual world yourself? Well, here’s a simple exercise you can try without all the, um… gadgetry.


Now, what I’d like my readers to do is to try sitting in front of a virtual world, a social network, or an online multiplayer game and do some basic meditation. Just sit there in spectator mode (as a nonparticipant) and watch the screen as you do your deep breathing exercises. It is a good idea to set a timer for about 15-30 minutes. Have a tape recorder next to you or a pen and notepad, and just say or write down what thoughts come into your mind. Do this for a few different sessions, maybe a couple of times every weekend for about a month.

Then when you’re ready to test your new talents, go to the platform you’ve selected to patronize. Do the same thing as you did in your practices. Set a timer and just relax and open your mind as you watch the screen.

Again, take notes or use a tape recorder.

Now, what’s going to be different this time is that you’re going to use the chat console to ask people on the platform some simple questions. Like who’s snacking and what they are eating? Smoking? Drinking? Whatever thoughts had come to your mind, ask the questions which can probe for results to your little telepathy experiment.

See if anyone answers, and write down what they tell you.

I used to do this during the early 90’s with some online multiplayer games. The results you may get can be rather surprising. Most people don’t realize that they have a little telepathy power.

So, put it to the test! And if you have a chance to check out Second Life, you might want to swing by and see if you can find Chuck!

Bookmark for his blog and psionics services!

That’s me done! And I’ll see the rest of you in the club!

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