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Speed Up Results in Psionics Magick

Every person who comes to psionics wants something. Or maybe lots of something. Maybe even many somethings. Ha! Yes, well. Nobody wants to wait for the results. There’s all this time spent on meditation, learning about magical patterns., exploring awareness, reflecting on the wisdoms of ages, and yada yada yada. I know. Been there.

Here’s what happened to me.

The year was 1991, and I was a young budding magician full of wonderful ideas and insights. The first idea that really rocked was my telepathy node or rod, which my mentor tested himself and found it to work superbly. But, I was hasty and always on the move. I thirsted for knowledge and achievement. So, my old magick mentor wrote in a letter to me “Tom, calm down. Let’s work on you first.” And he was absolutely right!

So, here’s what happened next…

What my magick mentor meant by this advice was that I needed to explore my own awareness first. He went on to say that “As all abilities begin with awareness, we will work on awareness first.”

Right, as usual.

We did just that. Working on my awareness took time. Mind you, this was back in the day when we didn’t use emails to communicate. We had these things called envelopes that we had to walk to the mailbox and drop it in there. And then we’d have to wait for the mail person to pick up the mail, and hopefully get it delivered rather than lost in a heap of madness at the mail facility. A week or two might pass before I heard back from my mentor.

Cosmic horrors!

Yes! It was tormentingly slow!

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Well, thank the gods wearing their psionic helmets, things have changed since the dark ages, and the early years of my training with the master of psionics, Charles Cosimano. Now we can get messages sent at the speed of light. With the click of a mouse our digital inscriptions and arcane illustrations are transferred faster than the spirit of Seere can fly around the world. And this is most appreciated by all of us. It means I can bug Uncle Chuckie all the time now! (Vrilock! Stop that!)

Alright. I’m just having a bit of fun here. But, what hasn’t changed much is the speed at which magick works.

Or has it?

I invite you to read my book ‘The Wondrous Wheel’ VPG-3, and find out for yourself just how much you can step up the pace in magical sendings. Give it a try once or twice a week and see what happens. Spin that love thought-form to get that perfect someone quickly over to your side. Project into the future the ultimate career change or massively climb the latter in a company with this powerful tool and the training that is in this book!

One of the things about magick is effort. Nobody wants to put too much effort in to magick, mainly due to the odds being against the results happening any time soon. This changes today when you read the book and get started putting a very simple instrument together and applying your will for just five minutes! Get results! Get these results in three days, a week, a month or two. Don’t wait years for a special person you want in your life. Don’t wait months to get a promotion at work. Use the wondrous wheel!

Now for the news!


A meeting with Charles Cosimano went very well today, despite the cold and the wind. We talked about the good humor and madness of history. Actually, it’s rather hilarious because Chuck was telling me that when people think of Roman history they don’t really care about ancient armies and battles, but rather the interest is in the very strange and bizarre things that people in positions of power did during those times.

A few stories about the Roman history I may share in upcoming newsletters, as these are quite entertaining—especially when Uncle Chuckie is the one telling the story. So, fingers crossed, a little patience, and we might just have a comic strip and post about these good stories some time soon—And always free to read, but of course!

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Great results start with great effort!

A learned method, and a practiced discipline will carry you far ahead of the rest. It’s never too late to join the club. Go to and fill out the Colleagues Interests survey to get started.

Club members are reconnecting with family/ loved ones, and taking charge in their lives, making relationships actually work! And building new career achievements. It really is as simple as joining and giving the club a chance. People who have joined never regret it. We have zero failures, and 100 % winners. All of our club members are people who are really rocking into the New Year with success and empowerment. Plus really cool documents and videos to download, and lots of time to talk to Vrilock in our messaging system. Vrilock does answer. Vrilock is here for you! Join us! We’re a family in this club!


Herr Doktor V.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals! Shop>>

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