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Psionics Disclosure Inevitable

Psionics Disclosure Inevitable

Psionics disclosure is inevitable. Mind control and MK Ultra will be exposed. In many ways psychic and mental projected influence combined with high technology is already out in the public domain. The question I’d like to answer here is: Should we have psionics disclosure? And, should people learn psionics at all?

In answer to the first part of the question, it is a matter of special interests of a relatively few people which dictates the narrative to the general public. Now, that is as a matter of course never revealed to the public that it is actually a small band of people who dictate what the public should or should not know. Often the idea of ‘what is best’ is hidden under the guise of being the overall opinion. What is in your best interest is cloaked in secrecy, which in laymen terms is categorized as the occult. (Whereas when I speak of the occult I am referring to the occult-science and the art of training the individual’s will to effect change in reality.)

Moreover, what we don’t know ‘can’ hurt us. So, in effect, knowing about psionics in reality gives us forewarning. And for those who use psionics it may lend these people an edge in the difficult game of life.

Psionics cannot be stopped. Save if we’re all to have spy cameras and microphones installed in every room, wall, and television—maybe throw a thought scanner in the toilet or shower room, and people will behave, right?—Sorry, but the majority of us do not want to live in an Orwellian nightmare. Things are bad enough already with masses of people degenerating from chemicals and social disruptive programming. The Psionic Brotherhood says that Big Brother or Big Sister can go to hell. We don’t need them.

So, the short answer is that psionics is here to stay. And, well, we will simply have to accept psionics as a fact of life, and for those of us who choose to be smart we will learn more about psionics. Life is, after all, an arena of advantages and disadvantages, regardless of what social conditioning teaches us. All one need do is step back, look at the world, observe nature, compare society to the natural world, and the answer becomes undeniably clear: We are not all of us saints. Sorry. And nature is in and of itself rather cruel. As people why try to be caretakers of the earth, stewards of warmth and compassion for animals—But the nature of the known universe is hungry and oppressive. It is our lot in life to continually fight back against chaos and bend these diabolical forces into the structures of light and order, so as to live and prosper as sentient human beings, and maybe give our animal companions a better world to live in.

Wish-fantasies aside the world is a difficult place, and the more you do to improve yourself, get empowered, and maybe when you’re ready help other people, well, then the better off you’re going to be.

Alrighty. We know now, and most of us logical enough can already agree, that psionics is not our enemy. In truth—if one really wishes to know who the enemy is—we can point to ignorance. Ignorance, fear, and obsessive greed are things which have belittled mankind for an age and an age. Not psionics. Certainly not magick in and of itself. Metaphysics is still greatly unknown to us, and has so much territory to explore, that we can hardly come to any kind of conclusion that metaphysics is of the devil. But, now let us be kind to those who worry about such things by comparing the current worry with what would otherwise be much more difficult for them to understand.

Most people worry that someone else will have an advantage over them. With psionics we can see how this would be very frightening in the minds of those who do not fully understand how psionics works. Yet, the greater fear is that of having a government or faction of military making use of psionics while the majority of us remain ignorant. It is something akin to the government having all the guns, letting in a bunch of criminals on to the streets of our society, and then preventing the average person from having any means of protection or self-defense.

Psionics is unmistakably a skill and talent that everyone on the planet has a born right to take advantage of. All that is required is the time and patience, the effort and willingness to do some practice.

Now let us consider the reasons why government, including the most right-winged official, would want psionics swept under the rug and kept outside of the public eye.

For one thing, elected officials have been using psionics for quite some time. Joshua Warren published a Press Release on the topic of government using psionics or radionics and wishing machines. There was a tall order of such machines by people with names matching those running for positions of influence in the country.

Another reason the controllers would like to see us ignorant of psionics is that psionics gives us leverage whenever our leaders lie to us or break their promises. For instance, if the police or swat team unjustly murders people, well then the people who understand psionics have a means of fighting back that cannot be taken away from them.

Psionics shifts the monopoly on the use of deadly force, and one day will even break that monopoly entirely. That is the reason you and I are ordinarily kept in the darkness. It is not for your best interest. If you believe that, then we have a bridge for sale.

The other reason is of course that everyone who has a vested interest in telling your brain how to process information or what your heart should believe is good and God—well, those folks don’t want you to see the sun as intelligent. These controllers don’t want you to commune with distant star systems—which psionics can do for the practiced operator. Meat suppliers don’t want you to know that cows are not as stupid as people believe them to be. The pet slaves don’t want you to know that animals have very real and deep felt feelings like people do. I mean, I could go on and disclose with my readers all manner of horrors here, but the case in point is that we’re all so controlled and conditioned that the realization of it is downright sickening.

Psionics is the beginning to true freedom. Not just for ourselves, but for our fellow man and woman in the world. It is sort of like waking up and realizing that the only reason for covering our naked bodies with clothing is to protect ourselves from the elements, and, yes, maybe ward off the horn dogs and impulsive predators in the world. But by no means is there any kind of God in the universe who demands women to wear veils or cover up the hair on their heads. It is almost laughable, if only people were not so serious about it. I mean, can you imagine mighty God, creator of all the stars and galaxies and the various intricacies in the universe (like electrons binding with -H to make electric currents possible) or the variety of life-forms on this planet alone… Can you imagine this same supreme being looking down at earth and saying to all its people, to all of us, “No woman shall wear a miniskirt!”???

It is nothing short of ridiculous. And yet, millions believe this kind of nonsense.

Psionics is not nonsense. It simply requires a state of mind, commitment to practice, some learning. Everything requires that state of mind or life-style. That is why the controllers want to control the state of mind or life-style that you think and live. Because you are power. But as long as you are kept in the dark you are power that the big wigs don’t have to worry about. You become the cattle and livestock for the global cannibals and vampire elite.

Psionics or no?

The choice is yours. But if you’re going to try to ban psionics, radionics, psychotronics, and the occult power, well then you’re asking for a fight that you will not win. There are too many of us, and the cat is out of the bag. From America to England, Germany, and France—Asia to Asia Pacific, and even some of us coming together from Africa and the Middle East… Big Brother can’t stop psionics. Even if we lived in an Orwellian world, inter-dimensional beings will still find a means to enter into the minds of man, as they have done so for a millennia already. I for one received my first glimpses into the future of psionics via a connection to inter-dimensionals and those who inhabit the invisible world, and those entities guided me to my former master Charles Cosimano, my friends at the American Society of Dowsers, a phone conversation with Sig Lonegren, Joshua Warren, and other pioneers in this field of research and practiced discipline.

Now I am fulfilling my destiny as the leader of the Psionic Brotherhood, lords and ladies, to bring us together for a far, far better world than we have seen in our entire history as a human species. The old tricks of racial division and psychological warfare no longer work on us as we break on through to the ‘other-side’, and reap the benefits of knowledge gained by taking no counsel of our fears. Speaking of fear, by the way, there are many entrepreneurs and circles of people coming out to tell us that aliens put us here, and that good and plain people are serving some kind of a karma sentence on this prison planet. The problem I have with this kind of thinking is that this pattern of thought trails back to the bad old days of social casting systems. That is, in a social cast system those who are at the bottom cannot reach to the top because they are taught that their place in the dunghill, their lot in life, is the result of karma. So, such people who are mentally enslaved and mind controlled into believing in karma as the ultimate law in the universe are never to escape the doldrums that they’re in. Because they won’t even try to challenge their superiors.

Psionics removes the need or even the desire for superiors. There is no one superior to you, save for the man or woman who practices psionics more diligently than you or I do. The game board, as you can readily understand here, changes entirely with psionics.

And if you’re willing to learn psionics, then I have a club for you to join that gives you everything you’ll ever need to know about the occult, psionics, and focused-concentration training. Join Vrilock’s Psionic Knights in the Vrilock Insiders Club at! I post global projects so that you can practice what you learn inside of the club.

Until next time… Keep the Magick High!

Tom Vrilock. Signing out!

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