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Vrilock’s Troth of Space and Psionics

Vrilock Troth of Space Artist K.A.

This image is of the cover for our upcoming comic book, and is just a rough sketch what will be released this year.

The long overdue comic book release of Troth of Space is something I’m anticipating will be published this year. What is important in Troth of Space that I wish to convey to my readers is my journey into psionics.

Before striding forward on the path to psionic magick and radionics I was caught up in a series of ongoing paranormal and spiritual experiences which seemingly haunted my every step. So, while these encounters and revelations of the mind’s eye awakening were at times overwhelming or even horrifying, I also realized that these events were being triggered in my life for a reason.

Outside of the paranormal activities I lived a relatively normal childhood, playing with friends and neighbor’s children. We played basketball, baseball, and I even attended a martial arts class twice a week. Hiking, exploring the canals behind our housing track, and small motorcycles or dirt bikes were all activities that I enjoyed. I was a very good swimmer. Neighbors sometimes connected to play role-playing games, board games, checkers, and I was rather good playing chess with some of the adults. Indoors I was an avid builder of Erector sets (kits for motors, electronics, and mechanical projects) and experimenting with microscopes, telescopes, and radios. I took apart the home phone—and one time I was caught trying to remove the back panel off of a television set. I was altogether curious, creative, and inventive. Drawing was a passion of mine. I did not start writing until after I had learned to enjoy reading, which didn’t occur until I was about seven or eight years old, when around that time I wrote my first short story about a boy and his dinosaur.

Those normal things aside, I was heavily visited upon by what I could only term as ‘outsiders’ or ‘strange beings’. Visions filled my mind’s eye, and I could see things in the room with my eyes closed. Everything had this sort of bluish hue about the room with my eyes closed, and I found it rather interesting that I could see in the dark this way. But these curiosities also turned into terrible visions. I would at times see moving images of people being tortured, and basically stuff that children would ordinarily know nothing about.

On the day before my coming to terms with these continuing visions and some rather unpleasant visitations by ‘outsiders’, I cried. My mother asked what was the matter, and I told her that I had been waking up each morning realizing that I have lived this life before. Upon hearing this my mother took me to a palm reader who was renowned for her accuracy in reading people’s life-lines and all manner of psychic or clairvoyant stuff. I had no idea what a psychic was at the time, but I was willing to go and find out. Remember, I was still curious though afraid of what was going on in my paranormal childhood.

To make a rather long story short, I did come to terms with my experiences, and while I had to keep quiet about ghosts, spirits, inter-dimensional beings, shadow entities, remote viewing, and precognitive experiences at school and in normal life, I did however begin meditating on protecting myself, and learning more about what was called at that time ‘metaphysics’. I am referring to the works of Buckminster Fuller and of course Edgar Cayce. But there were others like Mr. Early who wrote a small pocketbook about psychic discovery of the true self, and powerful intellects like Carl G. Jung, and explorers of psychotronics like Robert B. Stone, and of course old books I found at library sales that one could get for a dollar including my first copy of BioFeedback, and later in my teens I discovered Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe which explained a lot of things, or at least potentially offered a certain train of thought about the world of the invisible and the matrix or mysterious web of coincidences which made life interesting and at times rather enigmatic.

Psionics ultimately became the medium (The tools and instruments, props and arrangements) which helped me wrestle back some of the control over my life - both materially and psychically. Now I take psionics to a level of spiritually seeking truth, a better life, and to help other people more effectively.

So, now what does any of this have to do with a comic book?

Well, to be honest comic books I have always been fascinated with. I sort of follow that same notion as portrayed by the character Samuel L. Jackson played in the film ‘Unbreakable’. That is, comic books are an exaggeration of reality. So, as there are already so many New-Age volumes being sold by publishers like Llewellyn, and other popular publishing houses of the occult, mysticism, and paranormal histories, I figured that a comic book with lots of visuals of some of my out-of-body (O.B.E.’s) and astral travels or mental projections would better express my story of coming to psionics.

So, Troth of Space is my story of coming to psionics as a solution to paranormal problems, as well as a means to live a more spiritual and mentally powerful lifestyle. The reason the word ‘space’ is in the title of this comic book has to do with my mind and astral or mental body being called to places in what seemed to be outer-space. I still have these visions of asteroids passing between the earth and moon, or of distant stars, and a lot of other things going on up there that I won’t ordinarily speak of. The word ‘Troth’ means ‘loyalty’ or ‘faith’, and this is really to express my coming to belief in a higher self, a cosmic ALL, and the ultimate Law in the universe via psionics, and of course the lengthy journey I had to this realization of the power of the human spirit to overcome some rather disastrous events (super typhoons included) and challenges brought upon us by those who inhabit the invisible spectrum of this reality.

The comic book is still being considered for style and length. While I have sketched the book entirely, and our artist K.A. is working on the final presentable comic book, I feel that it is time to make a little buzz about the story behind this upcoming comic book from Vrilock Press and the Psionic Brotherhood.

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Until next time…

Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock, signing out!

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