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New Clone of Typhoon Neoguri - Same Old NWO


Now shortly after Hagibis ravaged parts of Tokyo and Chiba with deadly tornado and torrential rains, a typhoon ironically named Neoguri is driving straight for Honshu Japan’s mainland. Wait a minute! Now, why does that name knock familiar to us?

Vrilock Artist K.A. Neoguri Psionics

Well, that’s because when old Vrilock lived in Japan he met head-on with Super Typhoon Neoguri and Halong, thwarting both typhoons with the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument. Now we have a clone of Neoguri headed to Japan this month of October 18, 2019???

Well, gee, did I take a tough job for small pay (No pay, actually; We rely on our subscribers and club members to support the magick and psionics projects Mr. Vrilock works on to make the world a better place.)

Here is a look from satellite what is forming, and has already been named Neoguri 2019. While not yet a super typhoon it is sinisterly coincidental that this typhoon should be given the same name from a super typhoon which grazed off the coast of Tokyo in 2014. I do admit that this name has been used another time in 2008, but it is the coincidence and timing of the use of this name at such a crucial time when and currently during the hard work and team-work our club members have contributed to make the world a better place, and to tackle the globalists garbage as a major psionics cleanup goes around the planet. It is sinister and diabolic, and by all means of psionics must be put to an end.

There is a new monster in the making as we write this - and one after another it would seem. Yet we have the same old, same old NWO sitting comfy while we all watch people around us die. Cities and towns in Japan reportedly are not allowed to drain damns or water passages without permission, and that permission always comes down to money. Victims of the Fukushima disaster who survived are being told to pay for construction--Good old Prime Minister Abe, right? Wrong. Not good at all!

On top of this we are being challenged by a global cabal of sorcerers and technocrats. Don't believe me? Read on!

Learn about this press release from Joshua P. Warren claiming government uses radionics to control the world. Also, if you click on this press release image you will have an opportunity to watch the film WishMasters absolutely FREE! (Featuring Joshua Warren, Tom Vrilock, Charles Cosimano, and Dr. Brad Mulder.)

Press release by Joshua P. Warren:

Vrilock transforms super typhoon Neoguri and save Japan Joshua P Warren

The revelation of Vrilock's Miraculous Prayer Board is so invaluable to the world that George Noory and Joshua Warren found it important enough to talk about on Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio on the George Noory show! Listen to part of that C2C / Coast to Coast AM George Noory show right here and right now! >>>

So are we going to sit around and take crap from the globalists? Watch your friends and colleagues get slammed all around the world?

Well, I don’t think so!

We aren’t going to sit by in the sidelines watching our world be destroyed by an arrogant lot of bureaucrats. Of course, in order to achieve what so many believe to be the impossible, Mr. Vrilock must ask all of you—at least the better some of you—to donate, buy, or pay for our club membership program.

Aside from taking on these global projects, Mr. Vrilock is offering coaching and a club so that YOU can become the hero of your own story. My work and service has been done for so many years now, it is important that others step up to bat. We need you. The world needs you.

As if Neoguri reborn is not enough, and while our efforts to shield Florida were well rewarded with results, a new power storm dodges our barrier around Florida and comes in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Essentially the storm took the backdoor into the target area.

Don’t sit in the sidelines and let these global farts have their way with humanity. Do something. Be a part of my team! Join the and Keep The Magick High!


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