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Social Distancing Can’t Stop Psionics!

Social Distancing Can’t Stop Psionics!

Social distancing can’t stop psionics! The power of psuper psionics ignores the laws of space/ time. We don’t need to get up to do anything. No need to form a committee. Protesting the law is ludicrous when we can simply command the minds of others do that for us. Psionic magick is true freedom! And if your bureaucrats disagree with you… blast them with your wishing machine!

Anyway, there’s a number of fun things we can do at home with our psionics, wishing machines, radionics, and miraculous prayer board instruments! Oh, yes! And if you’re like me stuck at home and have’n a jonesing for diet coke, or whether you happen to feel an impulse to squeeze the Charmin toilet paper, we will make the world aware of our displeasure!

Social distancing?? Meet remote presence and mental projection!!! Oh yess. Remotely visit the room of your favorite actor or actress with your wicked psionic amplifying helmet!

Hmm. Yess.

Maybe you have been deprived of nightclub hunting for those sultry ladies you so crave.

Cosmic horrors!

How could any civilized governing body do this to its own people?? Yes. Well. Dire consequences must be installed and prepare for those payoffs who keep making new rules for us to follow.

Sooo, what ever your lost moments are Mr. Vrilock understands you being utterly disgusted with the world elite and their bureaucratic puppets. Now, let’s face facts here. The world is ruled by psychopaths and then operated by idiots. So, why not take back some of those lost moments by sharing your misery with uncle scam?

Muwahahahaaa! Yess!

Onward my diabolical legions!

Allllrighty then! Listen! This is what options are on the roundtable for our psionic knights!

First of all you need a little happiness. ‘She’ is waiting for you to do something. But what you really need to do is maker her ‘hot’ and ‘bothered’. I have an entire audiobook dedicated to bringing you romance, and I do need to throw this commercial in here so you’ll be on the same page with ole Mr. Vrilock. (Yes, me, you fools! The naughty man in the cloak and cowl seated remotely before you all and writing this wondrous article of wisdom!)

Next, you need to fix your mind on bringing that special sultry someone to you—right up to the door of your apartment. I once tested this method on a mail lady who nearly didn’t know why in hell’s name she came all the way up to my front door to hand me a simple letter. Just an experiment, and that proved this is all very easy to do. Too easy. In fact it seems ridiculous that a whole lot of people aren’t already onboard with my work here! >>>

So, get yourself a picture of a pretty woman (or if you’re a woman get yourself a photograph of a handsome guy) and fix your mind on this image. Next, you might as well add a little something extra to this. As I was saying just a moment ago, I’ve got a real craving for diet coke about right now, and after something like a month I’m near ready to heist my neighbors for their stash of bubbly good-stuff. But, then, I wouldn’t want to be uncivil. So, the psionics is medium by which we will operate our mischief. And ultimately show our displeasure to our unelected—mmm—deskocrats.

So print out a picture of that hot somebody and an item you’d really like to have in your possession—and the sooner the better!

Place this image in your wishing machine or on your prayer board. With all of your lustful sorcery draw to you this combination of which only that which you desire will satisfy you.


And now with that out of the way, let’s talk about catapulting the idiots who are indeed the mouth of Sauron.

Yess. Point that magick flashlight at a picture of Mr. or Ms. Payoffs, and think “That pain in your chest isn’t going away!”

Now back to your psionics sandbox!

While your’e waiting for Mr. or Ms. Pleasurable to show up in your life, it is a good idea to keep yourself busy with some fun side projects. Namely, blasting the hive mind with your psionics! Screen capture the morons on television, and then send them some naughty thoughts. After-all, the majority of morons are empty-headed fools just waiting for you to put something into their minds. And you should, because if you don’t then the bureaucrats and the media, and the various institutions of this society forsaken by the gods will do that for you. And you most likely won’t like what the idiots are putting into the minds of the majority of morons taking to the streets and in front of every blasted camera that filters into the lens of every moron on the planet.

So, send your displeasure to them by way of radionics, psychotronics, and psionic wishing machines!

Ahhh. That’s better!

And now you can relax a bit. If you haven’t started having a good laugh already, watch my video ‘Psionic Psuper Asshole!’ and enjoy yourself! And while your at it, why not check out 'Quarantined with Mr. Vrilock'?

Don’t forget to check my shop for weekend special discounts and villainous deals just for you!

And until next time… KEEP THE MAGICK HIGH!

Vrilock signing out!

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