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Psionic Psuper Pschnorer!

Psionic Psuper Pschnorer!

The purpose of psionics is twofold. For one thing we need self-empowerment to make ourselves more effective in the game of life. Secondly, we use psionics to influence other people. Therefore this post is about basic mental influence, with some suggestions for psionics influence and mind control!

So, as to the question of why this is necessary, please listen to my podcast or watch my video to know more about psionics and mind-control!

In a nutshell, here, we’re all of us socially conditioned in grade school to believe that none of our talents are unique and that we’re all the same, and every single one of us must be on the same page, get along, and share the very same views. To make sure that we do, the teacher elects some girl in the classroom to be ‘classroom president’. It is the beginnings of the roots of socialism in our society.

First of all, none of us are the same. We are not equal in our appearances, strengths, or even intelligence. Where we can be made equal—and this is what the system of institutions has proposed for us—is in our collectively agreed upon weaknesses.

Think about it. The big picture is perfectly narrated here in society’s very beginnings to have fun of us, to make authority’s way with us all. You have on the one hand an entity addressed as Mr. Science-Says, and then on the other end of the spectrum we have the various houses of monotheistic dogmas telling us we are like sheep and we must follow the Judas goat wherever the beast takes us. Yes. The voice of God is government.

You’ve been had. Everything you believe you know is a fabrication of something else. But, I don’t expect the greater majority of my readers to accept this or even remotely understand this.

What one needs to do is make a decision about where one’s destiny will lead him or her. Else, people can simply leave all of their life up to the Fates to decide that for them.

Vrilockians are undoubtedly going to pursue a path of personal self-empowerment—and, by extension you will want to learn something about mind control, psionic influence, and magical enchantment.

Now here comes the more delicious part of the scheme of of all things involving psionics mind control! You already know that you need other people to do things on your behalf. The problem is that you don’t know how to get started learning to read and write to the minds of other people via radionics, wishing machines, prayer boards, magic wands, and psionic mind machines.

Alrighty then!

The first thing we need is an ordinary test subject. That person should be someone you can acquire general information about. Perhaps this is an actor/ actress, public figure, politician, or some world famous scientist. Whoever it is make sure that you get a good look at his or her usual behavior.

We begin by meditating with this person in mind, taking in all the characteristics of the person, and more importantly that person’s general disposition, personality, and behavior traits. Sit and meditate on this without forming any opinions in your mind about it. Just clear your mind and sort of live and breathe through that person.

Of course this is just the beginning mental exercise here. We will move forward with influence after we feel a certain and sure familiarity with the individual test subject.

Now, get this person to do something. Make sure that this is something the person would ordinarily do. Don’t start out with any big influence work just yet. We want to make sure we have the person’s resistance to our influence greatly reduced by a gradual process of quiet infiltration.

So, if this is a political figure who loves yelling at the equally belligerent press—if not more so—then we will ride along with the test subject’s own thoughts and tell him or her to bark something nasty at those drunken reporters. (Oh, yes. It is one of the requirements of being a journalist to get smashed every morning. LOL!)

As usual you may enjoy the evening news with your plastic tv dinner. Watch the good fun as your political test subject rants and raves at the reporters. Try to feel and think what the test subject is feeling and thinking. Sort of grow into one with the individual. Learn him or her well and get it pat down.

Alright. Nothing unusual there. Except for one thing. You are beginning to detect a link of some kind opening you up to the individual test subject. And, you may even experience some hunches about what the test subject is going to do next time. You might even be able to project it and bend the outcome a bit. Yet, this is not the true purpose of your practice. What you ultimately desire is to get the person to do something opposite of what they’d ordinarily do. Something like reduce your taxes or cut the gas prices in half! (We’ve done that already in the Vrilock Club!)

So, when you try to make the test subject do something contrary to what they’d ordinarily would do, it is important to cultivate a sense of ‘enjoyment’ or ‘gratification’ to couple into your sendings to that person’s mind.

Now, as a test you decide to make Mr. or Mz. Egocentric Snob turn around and say something nice to the reporters. In this case the reporters are expecting the usual abusive language from their interviewee. They file into the room with their oversized microphones (and Jack Daniels), and find an uncomfortable stool to sit on.

When the test subject speaks the body of journalists are shocked when he says some very nice things about the various firms and even compliments a journalist or two. And so are the people back at home watching their televisions.

Now, why on earth anyone would want to make another person friendly to an annoying journalist is beyond me. But, this is just an example here by which you may base your other experiments on.

When we dive into the world of making other people mow our lawns, wash our cars, or advertise our services on our behalf we are going to needs some more tools to really be effective. Therefore, I suggest my readers give my audiobooks a listen to. Specifically the Fantastic Facilitators audible download from my Vrilock Psionics and Magick web store. These spirit entities can work as servitors to help you establish control over the world that surrounds you. Plus, a magician working with a psionically crafted spirit creature can smooth his or her road of life in ways that we ordinarily and consciously would not have thought of. This is because these kinds or entities operate outside of our normal space/ time continuum. And that threshold between the operator of psionics and the spirit servitor offers a whole universe of magical advantages on many levels: Investments! Purchasing powers! Sales! Romantic getaways! New and adventurous love affairs! Whatever you want!!!

For those truly seeking self empowerment along with a fun filled and illustrated story of the magical path, purchase the Vrilock Practical Guide VPG Trio! Download the secrets of inner wizardry and powerful sorcery! Complete beginners to psionics, radionics, psychotronics, wishing machines, and prayer boards should purchase Keep The Magick High!

So, enjoy being a psionic psuper schnorer. Make other people build your pyramid and your empire! Because if you don’t, somebody else will make you build their version of a perfect world.

Don’t sit idle and allow others to rule your life. Become the master psionic psuper schnorer and enjoy a world of difference!

Patronize the Vrilock New Thought-Movement! Support the Psionic Brotherhood by downloading something cool to read or listen to tonight! There’s simply too much magick at Vrilock Psionics and Magick Shop!

This is Tom Vrilock. Signing out!

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