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Refunding America Like Magick

Refunding America Like Magick Vrilock Psionics Magick Shop

Continuing our Project: Robinhood to refund America, I would like to follow up with some suggested magick, radionics, psychotronics, and psionic methods for helping our communities bring money back in to feed, nourish, and prosper the spirit of our communities. We are going to talk about spiritual mental power tonight for a prosperous tomorrow!

So without further ado… let us begin!

There are myriad methods for using magick to influence events surrounding and interpenetrating a demographic region, a city or town, and varying sizes of communities. But, for the most part the greater majority of humanity is not a body of magicians. This is to say, the most powerful means to an end is a practiced knowledge and an attained wisdom that takes many years of study, pursuit, trials, challenges, accomplishments. And this starts once having been initiated as a magician. It is inconceivable that we could all become miracle workers overnight.

Or is it?

What I’m about to tell you now may come as a bit of a shock. But, with psionics methods and psychotronics instruments, radionics and psychometrics, we can actually make changes in reality with far less time invested in learning this magick technology, and often with some faster results. Not always. But often enough to have convinced this writer to continue this research for the past 30 years. Several of those years I have spent working with spirit familiars and servitors, runes, and then merging these magicks into the field of radionics and psychotronics. And of course if you’ve been following my work and the work of Joshua P. Warren, then you already know about the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument!

So, the means are available to all of us in today’s society to work with psionics. It does not cost very much at all to get started. In fact, this is one investment of our time which we know is a guarantee, because unlike physical assets or titles established by organizations, psionic personal empowerment cannot be taken away from us. That is because it is forever a part of you.

The force will be with you always!

Now, of course it is nice to know that rumor has at last emerged from our intuition that another stimulus check will be in route. Perhaps as early as autumn. Still, this is a critical delay in refunding our society. Jobs may be difficult to acquire in some areas. And in other areas still the quarantine guidelines for the Coronavirus may be more harsh, and prevent travel to work or inhibit our lifestyles in many ways.

The alternative to the old means of living may be met with new means of just getting by at this present time. Thus, lifestyle changes may be dramatically necessary to preserve our families during this difficult transition to get back on track in society, both economically and socially.

In consideration that it is far more likely that each community and city-state is operating somewhat diversely from other areas in the means available, jobs possible, and food available, I must suggest that each of you reading this now consider carefully where you are living, and what your state/ city officials are currently doing (or not doing) to resolve the problems in your communities. So, having stated this, please consider what methods are best for your community.

Now, the one thing many of us usually don’t think about is what we are capable of doing for ourselves. Perhaps some of us have a talent or trade skill that is in demand, but without a company to hire us. If this is true for you, then perhaps consider a new startup business or a community of likeminded contractors to share clients and project leads within your circle. Equally important is to bring back the spirit of mentoring and apprenticeship to our nation of the United States of America. (Once upon a time in Japan before the empire’s war, the people learned from mentors their various trade skills, which actually from what I have been told by Japanese colleagues was a workable and prosperous system—much more prosperous than it currently is with today’s systematically controlled society and schools.)

While you work magick to resolve local problems, try to keep an open mind to the rest of the world. By this I mean to suggest that we consider working remotely, and that we do not limit ourselves to jobs that are strictly localized or within our own nation.

(Consider the Orient, Asia, and Latin America as possible nexuses for job leads for you to begin working, starting up a new career online, or perhaps forming strategic business-partnering relationships with prospectively shared clients.)

Now, here are some of the methods for working with magick and psionics to establish new horizons!

The ‘TomFavorPattern’ (a.k.a. ‘Money Vampire’ Sigil ) currently known as the ‘Robinhood Project’ is a gift to the general public to begin rerouting money from the hoarders and lobbyists, the bureacrats, technocrats, and umbrellas. This spirit pattern, however, is intended to truly be effective as a longterm operation. Consequently, and in contrast, it is short term thinking that has gotten our country into so many problems in history. Particularly, that most of us Americans have a short term memory, and we’re conditioned into being rabid consumers; convinced that we must have the latest brand in order to measure up to our social circles or friends and coworkers.

Well, it is time for us to change and transform into a new kind of society. This will happen whether you agree with me here or not. So, let us all prepare now. It is of course time to take action, but not necessarily the action that you and I are witnessing on the television and media outlets, MSM or even on SNS social networks. Those paid to riot or start riots don’t realize that this kind of money will not continue forever. That’s not a way to make a living, and our families cannot be proud of us if we don’t do what is right.

Instead, I recommend we look ourselves independently of what special interest groups are telling us to think or feel. Think for yourself. Be yourself. Feel very good about who you really and truly are. Put aside your differences with other people, and learn to listen as a compassionate human being. If you do this then I guarantee the doors to opportunity will open to you now. It takes time to build, but you can do this with some patience and persistence.

Work with your prayer board to bring to you good people, like-minded entrepreneurs or contractors, and fine folks in general. Then use your prayer board to establish positive and uplifting vibrations around your localized community. Upon seeing some changes in your own community you may then begin to move your mind outward to neighboring areas where the overall morale needs some uplifting, and new opportunities.

Because most ritual methods take years to master, I recommend that you listen to my audiobook to craft psionically created spirit servitors. These Fantastic Facilitators can move into the future to pave a smooth road of life for you and your beloved family. And because Fantastic Facilitators do not follow the same rules of physics as we do these spirits can breach the space/ time continuum to knock out problems in the future before it manifests in to the present.

All you need is a flashlight, pencil and paper, a picture frame, and a pair of earphones. Also, you will need to download my audible guide >>>

Thank you for working with Vrilock and the Psionic Brotherhood for making the world a better place!

Until next time… Keep The Magick High!

Tom Vrilock signing out!

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