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Create a Wealth Magick Servitor! Psionic Living Money Server!

Create a wealth magick servitor! Learn about creating a living money servitor in psionics training and technology! Let’s get started asking the big question about magick training! That is… what is Vrilock teaching in the Vrilock Psionics Club tonight?

What we're doing next in psionics technology in the club:

“HERR DOKTOR Vrilock teaches you how to create a money servitor in this video lecture! Vrilock demonstrates in this film how to focus on a living vessel of money, and draw money energy like a magnet to the creature. We will begin with the power of the ego-self, then follow Dr. Vrilock’s instruction of bringing this self into the vessel to draw money to the persona or to a business. Tonight in the club!”

Now then… If you’re a psionics training student who took the Awesome Amplifiers Video course, then this club content will help you put your Awesome Amplifiers Psionics Skills to the ultimate test: Making Money Come to You!

Join the club for a low monthly fee for occult power! $29/ month for initiates. Or get a huge discount of a couple months off when you choose the Arch Magus annual membership!

We’re adding more free-to-watch videos inside the club for monthly loyal members and annual memberships, also for our six month memberships! These videos you may watch, but you may not download (free). Paid videos you may download (paid).

There is also a Beginners Page inside of the club (filled with useful sigils, runes, charts, and explanations of magick, radionics, psionics…).

Lastly, there’s not only the biweekly content to digest in audio, video, and e-documents, but we have a past club projects page which you may reference to see how well we did (or if we missed the mark entirely) on psionics global projects! Occasionally we create egregores together or submit drawings to build new servitors!

Every month Vrilock recaps the club or introduces questions from club members along with answers to these questions.

Quarterly, Vrilock Team reviews what changes can be made to improve the overall quality of the club (such as social exchanges without compromising privacy to students and club members—with potential invite-only options in our prospect for a better future club—and more free content that you won’t pay for after you join the club.)

There’s a lot of work which goes into maintaining, up keeping, revisions, and answering club content questions. Vrilock and Team are dedicated to making this the ultimate psionics methodology and philosophy (content) club possible (with future prospects for social club interaction; Though many students expressly prefer privacy, some magicians are looking for romance partners, friends with fellow practitioners, and of course just plain human curiosity. We have all of this and more in mind.)

To really support Herr Doktor’s hard work, and his henchmen, please join and become a psionic power master in our club!

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Prayer Boards Out-of-Stock!

Prayer Boards being constructed! Your patience is appreciated while our henchmen gather new supplies and materials to build these miraculous psychometric instruments! Bookmark here! >>

Shop for magick!

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Get the lord or lady you want in your life!

Don’t be lonely! Get Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board Audible!

Train up fast!

Don’t let life control you! You’re in charge with psionics! Take the academy video course at!

Thank you for being a friend and supporter!

⚡️Keep The Magick High! ⚡️

Vrilock & Team 👍🏻

“Keep The Magick High! Instant Manifestation w/ Psionics Master Herr Doktor Vrilock!“ ™


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