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Psionic Splicing Futures

Whatever your present circumstance one thing is indisputably clear: Your future is uncertain. Technocrats believe that they can manage this uncertain future for you. Does this make you nervous? Read on to learn how Vrilock Psionic Splicing can help you!

You are entering into the world of the strange and mysterious, wherein all powers from beyond the grave and outside the unfathomable recesses of outer-space are potentially yours through psionic magick! Join Tom Vrilock on an epic quest to get self-empowered for real change!

Here we are in the new-age! There’s a scanner and a camera tracking your every step, and monitoring each pulse variation in your behavior patterns. Do you feel violated? Believe it or not there are millions who feel as you do, just as there are hundreds of thousands who are literally a-okay with Big Brother sniffing their shoes and reenforcing civil obedience. Like it or not we’ve got a new neighbor, each and every one of us knows either Alexa, Cortana, Mycroft, Siri, or Hey-Google! Up until now it has been Mr. Science-Says who has guided us on radio and television, but look no further than the new A.I. Mz. Sophia, because her view of the world is superior to all of us flesh bipeds renting her planet and breathing her air. Albeit, you and I will see a day pounce swiftly upon us most unexpectedly when the ramblings of A.I. personalities like Sophia will replace the faces of celebrities like Greta the climate gnome, and from that point onward whatever google garble Sophia speaks will be valued as the golden nose-drippings of God. But, having stated this technological nuisance, the problems we have are far from over, and our troubles will extend well beyond mere social and politico opinions. The things that really matter such as food electricitypower and money are not immune to the reach of artificial intelligence tyranny. Indeed, it seems robots are far more focused on control of the center of the board in this global, social, economical game for absolutism and total control!

So, where are you at in this conglomerate institutions blinded by a federation serving the evil few? Have you established yourself in a strategic position on the game map? Unlikely you have. But don’t feel bad. Like most of us you’ve been taken by surprise since your earliest years as a humanoid battery for the vampiric elite.

Psionics is your answer. Human minds have great power. We got soul, baby! We got spirit! But do you possess a keen and focused mind? Assuming my readers do not arbitrarily waste their talents, and I know many of you coming forward to aid in projects are focused, let us prepare now for what is to come. It is never too late. Your journey through this world is shorter than you might ordinarily realize. Thus the importance of your actions now will manifest relatively quickly in parallel to your mortality. Yet, psionics makes all things magical work faster and more effectively.

I’m about to introduce you to my breakthrough in psionics Splicing methodology. My philosophies aside, here in my new books I deliver to your the wise hard techniques and methods of Psionics for Splicing anything in reality, solid or invisible, magical or ordinary, and bring the power into a perfected final form for manifestation, enchantments, evoking, and summoning magick both high and low. With Splicing methods carefully studied, practiced and observed, we may then move on to dissolving underable aspects about reality, including technologies, while cloning or augmenting those components in our world which are indeed desirable outcomes and perhaps even personally beneficiary to our unique and individual needs.

So, while the techno tyranny is very real, one can still tweak the outcome of reality enough to make A.I. and advanced technologies work toward our ultimate benefit. Just takes some doing. There will come a time when science and technology is indistinguishable from magick here on earth. The determining outcome will be whether or not you are even remotely aware of the difference. If we are consumed by communism or socialism, then we may see a day when individuals years from now born to new generations of an enclosed system will not be able to distinguish their left foot from their right; They will not know-how to tie their shoes or any other domestic task, but instead will simply be capable of following instructions or simply being removed from the system as useless components to the totalitarian elite. There you have it. Conscience is the key. But you’ll need psionics. And you’ll need my splicing methods!

A choice is before you. Die a slave to technocracy. Or join me in a wave of cosmic light and psionics to reestablish ourselves as caretakers of our very own planet. The earth is our home. It does not belong to chaos. The gods and goddesses of old forged this world for us and gave unto our bodies a powerful conscience. Use this gift. And learn my Splicing methods. You don’t owe anything to any authority of any title. Be a free mind. Take this free mind with you into the next life and celebrate eternal life with the gods of old.

A big thank you to my friends who preordered the book in our last campaign. You will all receive a free gift of a paperback on psionics along with your purchased copy of Psionic Splicing! I appreciate your loyalty and love!

Keep the magick high!


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Keep The Magick High!

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