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Technologies Best for Psi Application

Let's talk psionics Technology that is best for manifestation, enchantments, and general magick tech stuff! You'll then learn about psionics training! So, without further ado, let us begin!

If you’ve been scratching your head over what psionics technology, radionics or dowsing instruments to invest in for psionic experimentation, I have prepared this argument for more practical applications in psionics technology.

Self-empowerment psionics technology begins with psionics training. There is no shortcut which will bring results long-lasting. Many people can get lucky turning a few dials. We call it beginners luck. It happens. When you try something new then you might be good at it for a day or two. Thereafter, the pursuit requires deeper understanding of psychic development, magical repertoire, and technical comprehension. There’s a flip slide to this pursuit, however; The technical aspects of psionics technology is entirely up to the operator in two ways: 1. Operator’s familiarity with technology (Generations and demographics may have varying experiences with different technologies—or none at all.) 2., Your desire or aptitude to learn new technologies. If you don’t want to learn about electronics… the good news is you do not have to. A simple series of training in intuition, dowsing, and reaching out with your mind will allow you to reap the benefits of other technician’s works in the field of technology. So, let them build the IoT, and you just remotely take advantage of the energy amplifications around the planet.

Psionics training for the most part requires an understanding of patterns, both physical/ two-dimensional magical patterns and psychological patterns, combined with basic physical science is enough to make you a great techno-mage. And even that is not a prerequisite to learn psionics. Just if you want to be really great there are always better ways to manipulate technical gadgetry.

Here's a fun video about how to use a wireless stylus as a spirit contracting instrument! >>

I’d say that a love for sci-fi is probably a good prerequisite for psionics if there was any. Having an imagination helps. If not, then we can draw reference from popular sci fi and space opera such as Star Wars. The force is a great parallel to the concept of psionics. Everything in the universe, indeed the multiverse, is at a level beneath that of mind; mental energy permeates all, and yet it is also an energy existing at a level beyond the material plane. Mental energy (psionics) does not need matter to exist, nor is it ruled by our physical laws—which gives radionics and psychotronic magick a lot of flexibility in metaphysics. However, mind uses the material plane to extend and expand itself. If there ever was a magick worth the pursuit, then it is certainly psionics.

In psionics training comprehension of magick as a prerequisite to psionics technology is a common misassumption. My psionics training methods, psionic knowledge, and real world magical experiences have succeeded in training hundreds of students. Daily routine, weekly routine, whatever your schedule—psionics training can help you. The training offered is primarily self-help through Herr Doktor’s guides and multimedia, with quarterly global projects to test your psi talents until you have developed a solid psionics skillset.

Magick folks love the art, and we all have a passion for exploring the mysterious! But, when real life throws challenges our way, well, it's nice to have everything magical in perspective. With KTMH series you will have more than a few new gizmos to show for. You will have a solid skillset firmly in mind; And with regular practice you can tuck away some powerful experience under your belt. Thus, making you the master of your destiny!

Order a copy of Keep The Magick High for learning about the magical lifestyle! Get a hardcopy before this batch is gone! This will be the last batch EVER of our original classic print, guaranteed to go up in value over the years. We won’t reprint the same exact copy. A new series is soon to be released. So, if you want to know the secrets of magical thinking, and you want an original print authored by Tom Vrilock, then order today! We’ll likely be sold out of stock by April of 2023!!!

By the way, like many of my former mentor’s books (Charles W. Cosimano) that I’ve held on to for years, these books we publish end up being worth a good rare books trade in decades from now! So, don’t pass up owning an original copy!

P.S. Thus far, my invention of variable machines has worked the best for global influence and fast radionics. To learn about this over time and training, join the club, and then purchase the variable machine videos and documents in the archives. Goto >> Vrilock.Club and really Keep The Magick High!

Watch the Psionics Sanctuary video >>


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