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WTF is Vril? Is it Psionics Technology?

You know now what psionics technology is. You are taking Vrilock Psionics Training. And by now you've heard about this mysterious energy called 'vril'. But, WTF is vril? Is it some kind of cult? Or is it the elusive god particle? And how does this mysterious energy or force of the ancients of Atlantis work with modern chaos magick and psionics? Is it a psionics training course? WTF is Vril? Is it Psionics Technology?

Let's find out about WTF is 'vril'!

There’s all this talk about ‘vril’ and ‘vrilology’, the runes, big foot, ufo’s, and the nazis. We should be talking about psionics technology, but all this vril stuff has got us wondering what it might truly be? But, WTF is ‘vril’? Well, firstly it isn’t a nazi secret technology. No… it isn’t a cult for harvesting the blood of the innocent. Hardly, and far from it! Vril is the stuff of the universe that… well, makes the stuff of the universe do things! But, let’s get into the finer details of vril in this psionics technology argument.

WTF is vril?!! And let's talk psionics training!

Anything that lives, breathes, or moves through the entire cosmos, from the greatest black hole at the center of the galaxy to the most minute nano particle disrupting the activity of atoms, does what it does because vril is moving through it. Even in psionics technology and in fact throughout your entire psionics training, vril makes you psionic. One metaphor for a contemporary audience might be the way in which a web page works. Sure.. There’s all these fine graphics, audio, video—all tied together with hypertext markup language; and then there’s the action commanded by languages like javascript; and there are cloud systems working across nodes (interconnected remote computer networks). But, without electricity… none of this would matter. That electricity is—metaphorically speaking—‘vril’! And those of us who like to power our radionics with electricity need vril to work all this psionics technology stuff!

Moreover, you need psionics training to begin making 'vril' work for you! But first, let us consider where all this vril and vrilology began...

Going back in time, ancients believed in a concept called ‘vri’, which the occult scholars and arcane academics believe is Sanskrit derived from the ancient Atlantis. This was sort of the cosmic fluid of the universe; but it has remained elusive to modern science, which with our current means of measurement is unable to quantify or even recognize the existence of such a power in the universe. (It may seem laughable to us psionics technology adepts, but I assure you that the academics of the Atlantis take this stuff seriously.)

Departing from history class here, we arrive at the post-modern science-fiction interpretation of vril from the works of fiction such as ‘The Coming Race’ by Edward Bulwer Lytton. Also, in some spiritual circles such as the church of Vrilology, Robert Blumetti coins vril as ‘the life-force of the gods’.

In psionics we refer to vril as one template for working with undefinable energy-forces in the universe. As well, Vrilock Psionics views the interpretation of Vril as the life-force as mildly accurate, though when Vril is active at different levels the name may change to mana, prana, vitality, etc., though Vril itself does not truly change. (Don't be overly worried about all the terminology here; Psionics training helps you simplify mental powers and the energies associated with mentalism and the occult.)

Unlike psionics itself, which we know is an actual thing, think of Vril as that elusive something that is not a thing, and yet it is not nothing. This is where the real magick works. With psionics training this magick works even better!

Let’s get you started learning how to operate in the universe of vril, and then apply this to the wonders of psionics training and manifestation, influence, and transmutation of reality for success on many levels of psionics technology!

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