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Eye on the Threshold

In the vast recesses of outer-dimensional existence, beyond the 9 spheres of the mortal realms, my eye awakens. Therein the ultimate void… I perceive all realities and dreams accessible to my awareness in the eternal moment. The mental plane moves, and I see the material plane coming into view. Back from my body I look through at the mental plane, and marvel at the transition and gradation between spheres of awakening. Others are lurking at the threshold. They visit. Tell me of the coming storm. Then within a few hours the storm does erupt with atmospheric fury.

Much of what we perceive as the external journey in life is laden with the mental projections of our own thoughts, and further saturated by the feelings we strum to the beat of our waking steps. It is in this rhythmical essence that I am both the strider on the pathway and the bricklayer in retrospect. I build the bridge before I traverse the new frontier that will be the extent of my day ahead. This is much like dreams. The realities beyond are thus.

In psionics we learn from other minds, patterns, and indeed from disembodied minds. So-called demons and elementals speak of the accomplishment of actions; whereby it is meant that whether we are emotionally happy with associates or not does mean little to the results of what our purpose of intention was in any psionics operation. The emotional baggage can be left to the girl-scouts. A magician and psionicist has focus on the means to an end. So the immortals lecture and instruct the would-be mortal mage.

We learn of kinetics moving through the spheres of realities; A charing up of the human energy field and that of the planet. Indeed all things are constructs; Plants and animals, objects, ideas—people.

While the magical universe can be confusing to us when we are just starting out, there is a means to removing unnecessary confusion. The means comes as a result of realization of the purpose of institutions and religion; Whereby those constructs of dogmatism are pledged against your inner awareness, and by extension your dominion of your reality both within and without.

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