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Radionics: Science or Magick?

Psionic Magick Radionics is not a science. Tom Vrilock Psionics Club and New Thought-Movement discloses the real secrets of psychotronic min

Psionics is Individual Power

To my psionic magick students I ask you to know the difference between a philosopher and an engineer. Psionic magick resides somewhere in be

Psionics V.R. Rules A.I. Gods

A.I., V.R., Radionics, and Psionics meet on new grounds in the future of artificial intelligence and human mind control, mental influence, a

Beginner Machine Dowsing Magick

Beginner machine dowsing and divination radionics psionics magick explained by Tom Vrilock. Leaving traditional wizardry for techno sorcery.

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